Mastoiditis treatment

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Mastoiditis is an inflammatory process in the temporal bone. It is mainly a complication after otitis. However, if not treated in time, mastoiditis can lead to meningitis (inflammation of the meninges) or brain abscess. Therefore, otolaryngologists prescribe antibiotic therapy and, if necessary, resort to surgical intervention.

Mastoiditis is an infection in the mastoid process of the temporal bone (the back part of the middle ear).

The most common form is acute mastoiditis, with a classic disease course. At the same time, chronic mastoiditis is the most dangerous because it does not have apparent symptoms. At the same time, these forms can lead to bone destruction and the development of brain complications.

Basically, mastoiditis is not an independent disease. It is a complication of otitis when the infection penetrates the mastoid. Symptoms of mastoid inflammation are redness, soreness and swelling of the area behind the ear and protrusion of the auricles. Patients are also concerned about headaches, body temperature, and possible discharge of pus from the ear (purulent otorrhea).

Initially, at the very first stage of mastoiditis, treatment is carried out with the help of broad-spectrum antibiotics. Then it is necessary to remove pus from the cavity of the mastoid bone, so a myringotomy is performed (the eardrum is punctured, and the pus is pumped out).

If conservative treatment is ineffective and has no results, specialists resort to surgery to eliminate mastoiditis (mastoidectomy). ENT surgeons remove the mastoid bone.

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