Gum cancer treatment

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Gum cancer develops when mutated cells divide uncontrollably in the lining of the gums. Caries, alcohol, and tobacco abuse are risk factors for the disease. Treatment includes the removal of the tumor and its metastases through surgery, radiation, and targeted therapy (chemotherapy and immunotherapy).

Gum cancer is one of the most common oral diseases. Mainly it is found in men. Poor oral hygiene, carious teeth, inflammation in the mouth, and alcohol and tobacco use can lead to the condition's onset.

The main symptoms are swelling and pain in the gums. As the tumor grows, the pain gets worse. In addition, a red-white bump appears, which may bleed.

Dentists examine the gums and direct a biopsy. Oncologists take a sample of the mass and examine it under a microscope to determine the tumor stage. X-ray or CT scan of the jaw shows if there are metastases.

Gum cancer is cured in the following ways:

  • During surgery, doctors cut out the tumor.
  • Radiation therapy may be given before an operation (to reduce the tumor size) or after (to reduce the risk of cancer returning).
  • Chemotherapy is an alternative to surgery or is sometimes used in addition to radiation therapy to enhance the effect of the treatment.
  • Targeted therapy uses pills that attack cancerous tissue without harming healthy cells.
  • Immunotherapy supports the immune system in fighting cancer.
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