Enlarged turbinates treatment

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Enlarged turbinates are abnormal growth of tissues on the wall of the nasal cavity. It is mainly caused by constant inflammation in the nose. In most cases, patients are indicated for minimally-invasive surgery: surgical removal, laser surgery and cryotherapy.

The turbinates are three pairs of so-called "bony outgrowths" in the nasal cavity. They are divided into lower, middle and upper and perform different functions, including the direction and regulation of airflow in the nasal passages. In addition, they are responsible for heating, humidifying and disinfecting inhaled air.

Enlarged turbinates are the thickening and growth of the mucous membrane of the nose. A deviated nasal septum often accompanies the disease. It is also found in chronic smokers and people working in harmful industries - their mucous membrane is constantly irritated by acidic substances.

Hypertrophy of the nasal concha always causes a feeling of congestion in the nose. As a result, a person begins to breathe through the mouth and often snores at night. Sometimes hypertrophy causes nose bleeding.

It is pretty challenging to make a correct diagnosis based only on symptoms. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a special examination by a doctor - a rhinoscopy.

Otolaryngologists perform turbinate surgery to correct the disease. For example, surgeons might refer to conchotomy (conventional surgery), laser turbinate reduction, coblation and freezing.

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