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Ear polyps are the growing of jelly-like soft tissue inside the middle ear or in the ear canal. It is a benign tumour that develops in the tissues of the mucous membrane, causing hearing loss. Usually, the disease is a result of chronic inflammation in the ear. The primary treatment method is surgical intervention (ear polypectomy).

Ear polyps are benign tumour formations developing from the mucous tissues of the ear. These changes occur in response to long-standing inflammatory or infectious diseases in the middle ear.

The fact that an ear polyp has formed is often evidenced by the following:

  • Purulent discharge, sometimes with blood (stoppage of pus flow may be due to blockage of the ear canal by a polyp);
  • Itching, noise and pain in the ear;
  • Feeling of a foreign body in the ear;
  • Hearing deterioration;
  • Headaches.

Under certain conditions, the polyp in the ear is at risk of becoming cancerous. It is important to visit the otolaryngologist when you notice the first signs. The specialist provides all the necessary examinations to determine the disease and start appropriate treatment:

  • Otoscopy - allows the physician to determine the localization, size, and shape of the polyp;
  • CT and MRI - clarify the diagnosis and understand how much the tumour has grown and whether it affects nearby structures;
  • A biopsy - is performed if there are suspicions that the polyp has started to turn into a malignant tumour.

As a rule, surgery is the most reasonable decision when diagnosing a polyp in the ear. ENT doctors can remove the polyps by laser, electrocoagulation, a special loop-curette or cryotherapy. The removed tissue needs histological examination to rule out the presence of dangerous cells.

Removing the polyp in the ear canal by thermal exposure is non-traumatic and effective. It is done using electric current with a high frequency. Another method is cryotherapy, when otolaryngologists use cold liquid nitrogen (to freeze the polyp).

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