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Deformation of the auricles is a common pathology that spoils the cosmetic appearance and may lead to hearing problems. Any, even minor defects attract the attention of others and disturb the psycho-emotional state of a person. Defects can be corrected only by operative methods (otoplasty) since no medication can change the shape of the ears.

Ears are organs with complex structures, most of which consist of cartilage. Only the lobes are made of fatty tissue. At 6-7 years old, a child's ear corresponds to 95% of the size of an adult's ear, and it is at this age even minor auricle (pinna) deformity becomes noticeable.

Congenital ear deformity, which has several types, is more often defined:

  • Deformation of the cochlea - sharpening of the ear, smoothed, absent or protrusion of the cochlea.
  • Сryptotia -is an ingrown auricle.
  • Folding auricles means a condition in which the upper part bends down. It is most often diagnosed in newborns due to an incorrect position during intrauterine development.
  • Underdevelopment - are flattened, reduced (microtia) or completely unformed organs (anotia). It is often consistent with other disorders: the absence of an auditory canal and defects of the affected part of the face. With bilateral pathology, hearing and speech functions are impaired.
  • Macrotia -means excessive growth of cartilage tissue. It is almost always accompanied by burdock or closure of the auditory canal.

The main types of acquired deformations of the auricles are:

  • Keloid scar;
  • Thickening of cartilage;
  • Tumour;
  • The absence of a part of the ear.

An ear with an abnormal structure does not hurt, is not inflamed, does not provoke an increase in temperature and does not cause signs of intoxication. But the unaesthetic appearance of the ear leads to deterioration of the emotional state, irritability, and depression. Deafness is possible if damage to the auditory canal and middle ear is additionally observed.

There is only one way to eliminate defects - a plastic surgery operation called otoplasty. More than 200 different methods allow doctors to return your ears to the correct shape. They are divided into two large groups:

  • Reconstructive – the partial or total restoration of a defective organ.
  • Aesthetic - correcting minor defects (split lobe, pointed ear, etc.).
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