Appendix cancer treatment

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Even though acute appendicitis ranks first in the structure of urgent surgery, appendix cancer is ​​a relatively rare disease. Tumour is located in the blind-ended part of the colon - appendix. Therefore, right-sided hemicolectomy is the most rational surgical treatment, providing a maximum 5-year survival rate.

Primary appendix cancer is rarely observed oncological disease situated in the appendix. It does not cause specific signs but can contribute to acute or chronic appendicitis.

Appendix cancer is ​​the most aggressive gastrointestinal tract tumour, and the prognosis is usually unfavourable. The condition usually occurs in people after the age of 40, equally often in men and women. Although the process progresses rapidly, the five-year survival rate after surgery is 18-30%.

As a result of the rapid growth and filling of the bowel, symptoms of acute appendicitis develop. In some cases, it is possible to palpate the tumour in the right iliac region. Unfortunately, it often passes and looks like ovarian cancer.

Right-sided hemicolectomy is the primary surgery for all subtypes of appendix cancer. It is the surgical removal of the right half of the large intestine either laparoscopically (minimally invasive intervention) or through a laparotomy (classical open surgery). Metastasis to other organs is rare when surgeons perform operations on time.

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