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University Hospital Tubingen

University Hospital Tubingen

Tubingen, Germany
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University Hospital Tubingen, founded in 1805, is one of the leading centres of German university medicine. As one of the 32 university hospitals in Germany, the hospital successfully combines first-class treatment, research and teaching.The hospital includes 1585 beds for inpatients. More than 385,000 inpatients and 75,000 outpatients worldwide benefit from the link between science and practice every year, as 17 clinics and 20 centres bring specialists from all fields under one roof. The university hospital, the region's largest employer, has about 10,000 full-time and part-time employees. With around 600 apprentices in over ten different professions, the University Hospital Tubingen is the

About Tubingen

Tubingen is a beautiful quiet place, one of the best destinations in Europe. The city is part of Baden Württemberg and is located just 40 minutes from Stuttgart. This land is a must-see for lovers of castles and the best-hidden gems in Germany.

Tubingen is a traditional town but can also be very modern and trendy. It is primarily a university city with over 28,500 students. Tubingen is a vibrant city with a rich cultural offer and many events throughout the year. The town's charming shops, bars and restaurants make it an ideal place to relax or take a walk. One of the sights of the city is the dam with the Holderlin Tower. Sights in the Old Town include the Town Hall and Hohentubingen Castle. Built in 1435, the Town Hall on Marktplatz was decorated in 1511 with a decorative astronomical clock that still works today. Residents of the city also love a variety of festivals. The annual boat race around the island on the Neckar guarantees plenty of raucous entertainment on the Tübingen calendar of events.

In 1995, the German weekly Focus published a national survey according to which Tubingen had the highest quality of life in Germany. The town is famous for its research activities. Tübingen is home to several research institutes, including the Max Planck Institute for biological cybernetics, developmental biology and intelligent systems. The Eberhard Karl University of Tübingen was founded in 1477, making it one of the oldest in Germany. Including university hospitals, it is also the city's largest employer. In addition, University Hospital Tubingen provides high-quality medical care to more than half a million patients annually.

Life in Tubingen is in the heart of Europe, one of Germany's most picturesque and economically competitive regions. It is a bustling medieval city with a young, international, energetic population and rich cultural and artistic life. Lectures, concerts, film festivals and much more: life in Tubingen is never dull.

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