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Myoneural disorders affect the nerves that control muscles. The disease occurs due to the loss of communication between neurons and muscles. It is also called a neuromuscular disease. A range of tests (blood and genetic), electromyography (surface and intramuscular) and muscle biopsy are performed for diagnosis. A combination of medications with physiotherapy is the most effective treatment solution.

An extensive group of muscle issues due to nerve damage describes myoneural disorders. The brain transmits a command to move the muscles along the nerve cells. When the neural connection is destroyed for any reason, it causes the appearance of neuromuscular symptoms.

Different conditions (hereditary, autoimmune, viral, hormonal and more) might cause myoneural disease. For instance, myasthenia gravis, spinal muscular atrophy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and multiple sclerosis. The following symptoms are indicative of myoneural disease:

  • Muscle weakness, pain, atrophy.
  • Limb numbness, paresthesia.
  • Muscle cramps, hypertonia or hypotonia.
  • Muscle stiffness can cause joint or skeletal deformities.

According to statistics, more than 10 million cases of myoneural disorders occur annually worldwide. People over 50 are more susceptible to this disease. However, sex is not a risk factor; this condition can occur in any gender.

Physicians provide various diagnostics to determine the best treatment (blood tests, electromyography and biopsy). Drug therapy (including immunosuppressive and painkillers) improves symptoms. Alternative and additional options (physiotherapy and rehabilitation) increase muscle mobility and strength. In the worst cases, palliative care is provided when the disease that leads to neuromuscular disorder is progressive and challenging to treat.

Most myoneural disorders have poor prognoses and do not respond well to therapy. Unfortunately, it often happens when the diagnosis is made at later stages and older age. In such cases, the appropriate treatment is determined by supportive care.

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