Medulloepithelioma treatment

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Medulloepithelioma is a rare and rapidly growing eye tumor. It affects children between the ages of 6 months and five years. The primary treatment is enucleation (surgical eye removal) and replacement with a prosthesis. Sometimes doctors use radiation therapy.

Medulloepithelioma is usually a malignant tumor of the eye. It usually occurs in childhood, with an average age of about five years. In rare cases, this formation may be congenital.

Symptoms of the disease are vision problems and pain. The following signs are also possible:

  • Strabismus;
  • Blurred vision;
  • Painful red eye;
  • Glaucoma (eye damage due to increased eye pressure);
  • Cataract (clouding of the lens of the eye);
  • Leukocoria (pupil looks white);
  • Increased intraocular pressure.

Ophthalmologists diagnose tumors by examining the eye through an ophthalmoscope (ophthalmic microscope). Then, CT or MRI determines the location and size of the medulloepithelioma.

Oncologists give radiation therapy to shrink the tumor. Surgical removal of the eyeball (enucleation) followed by implantation of an ocular prosthesis is an effective therapy for advanced medulloepithelioma.

The prognosis of 5-year survival after enucleation is 90-95%.

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