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Eye cancer is a group of malignant tumours originating from eye structures. Abnormal cells can begin in the conjunctiva, cornea, retina and others. Ophthalmologists use surgical removal, innovative laser and radiation therapy (brachytherapy). In addition, various medications might be prescribed to control the disease. Finally, an eye prosthesis may be the option to improve a cosmetic defect.

Eye cancer is characterized by a tumour which is located within the eye, and it is often called intraocular cancer. Doctors classify it into two types:

  • Primary - a lump forms and develops in the eye (melanoma, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, retinoblastoma).
  • Metastatic - the neoplasm begins somewhere in the body (in the lungs, mammary gland) and spreads to the eye (a rare condition).

Additionally, your oncologist or ophthalmologist will conclude the morphological classification of cancer in the eye after checking the cancer cell type. The disease is divided into eye melanoma, lymphoma, retinoblastoma, and squamous cell carcinoma.

Cancer in the eye might occur at any age, but the disease risk increases in young people. Between males and females, eye tumours are distributed approximately evenly (47% of cases in women and 53% in men).

As a rule, patients with eye melanoma often do not have symptoms. However, in other cases, visual problems (spots, floating objects, loss of part of the field of vision, dark spots on the iris) are warning signs. Often an ophthalmologist diagnoses an eye tumour during regular examinations.

The radical solution is eye surgery (removing the affected part or the entire eye, depending on the extent of the tumour). An alternative method is internal radiation therapy (brachytherapy), when doctors place a radioactive dick next to the neoplasm to reduce its size. Finally, the prosthesis can be made after the operation. A modern and effective treatment type is transpupillary thermotherapy (a laser therapy with few side effects).

The prognosis for eye cancer is good. The 5-year survival rate for early stages is 80-85%. The 5-year survivorship for ocular melanoma that spreads to distant parts of the body is 13%.

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