Endometrial cancer treatment

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Endometrial cancer is a malignant condition of the layer of the uterus. Due to modern diagnostic tactics, endometrial carcinoma today is often found at its early stages. The various treatments include surgery, combined chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy, and hormonal or target medicines.

Endometrial cancer is an oncology of endometrium, characterized by growing tumours in the inner lining of the uterus. Depending on the type of affected endometrial cells, endometrial cancer is divided into:

  • Adenocarcinoma - the most common form, is a hormone-dependent tumour.
  • Uterine carcinosarcoma - is a rare variant consisting of different structural elements of uterus tissue.
  • Other types include squamous or small cell carcinoma and transitional and serous carcinoma.

According to world statistics, the disease is one of the most spread cancers of the women's reproductive system. It develops mainly in older women who are in the postmenopausal period. The average age of women with endometrial tumours is 60 years.

Three main symptoms can point to endometrial neoplasm. They include abnormal vaginal bleeding (after menopause or between periods), spotting and pain in the pelvic. Additional signs are a feeling of discomfort and heaviness in the lower abdomen and sudden weight loss.

To date, the primary treatment options are the surgical removal of the uterus, cervix, in some cases ovaries and fallopian tubes, as well as lymph node dissection. Another solution is radiation therapy (external beam radiation therapy and brachytherapy). Usually, chemotherapy kills malignant cells in cases of high-grade cancers. In addition, treatment with hormonal and targeted drugs is recommended if the tumour cells are sensitive to the medicines. One more sort of treatment is immunotherapy. It drives the immune system to identify and destroy cancer cells.

The prognosis is favourable if endometrial cancer is found in the early stages. The 5-year survivorship for the initial stage is 95%. However, the second stage's survival rate is reduced to 70%. The following stages have an unfavourable prognosis. Survivorship at the third stage is 30%, and at stage 4 - only 5%.

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