Department of ophthalmology

The department of ophthalmology at Eye Centre Frankfurt am Main focuses on surgical, laser and conservative treatment of various ophthalmological conditions, including preventive and diagnostic methods. In addition, the clinic provides the opportunity to receive early access to breakthrough therapy as an alternative method through clinical trials. In cooperation with pharmaceutical companies, doctors are helping to release new study drugs. The department and the head doctor are certified by Top FOCUS Germany. Using a special developed protected software system, images can be transferred to any team member to receive an alternative opinion. In addition to conventional treatment, the department provides highly qualified post-trauma surgery, and special houghs are given for children's care. The rooms in the department are modern, which makes you feel more pleasant during the treatment. 

The department's experts are specialized in the cure of standard and rare eye diseases. Vitreoretinal, cataract, and retinal surgeries are routinely offered. Doctors are leading experts in laser refractive surgeries. In addition, numerous conservative methods, including intraocular injections, are performed.

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