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Best hospitals for treatment in Israel

We found 6 clinics in Israel. AiroMedical ranks among 521 hospitals based on the annual qualification report, the number of procedures performed and patients treated, success and complication rate, equipment, experience, and awards. Need to talk to a real person? Our medical team is ready to help 24/7.

Choosing a clinic in Israel is one of the most important tasks of a patient from abroad. That is a difficult task for a person who does not know Israeli medicine "from the inside": there may be many pitfalls on his way. To make it easier for you to cope with this task, we have prepared a detailed overview of the leading hospitals in Israel. And today, we will talk about the benefits of treatment in this country. So, what makes medical treatment in Israel attractive to patients?

Features of the Israeli medical system

Israeli medicine is considered one of the most innovative worldwide. For many years, the Israeli healthcare system has been among the top ten according to the World Health Organization and the world news agency Bloomberg. High standards, advanced technologies, and developed medical tourism.

According to the legislation, medical insurance in Israel is based on the principles of justice, equality, and mutual assistance. The Ministry of Health controls the activities of both state and commercial hospitals in Israel. Medical insurance applies to all citizens living in the country and is financed by the state. The country's health budget is formed from the "medicine tax," which every citizen pays about five percent of their income.

Of the 45 emergency hospitals in Israel, 18 belong to the state, the Ministry of Health, or municipalities. They account for 57% of the national potential.

Service in private Israeli hospitals is a little more expensive. However, the level of medicine in such clinics is no different from that in public hospitals in Israel. Still, private clinics can offer more comfortable conditions of stay.

Telemedicine has been gaining momentum in Israel in recent years. For example, remote counseling became indispensable for many patients in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world. Although the borders were closed, leading hospitals in Israel continued to consult foreign patients remotely.

Best fields of medical treatment in Israel

The Promised Land receives hundreds of thousands of patients from other countries every year. All of them can receive first-class medical treatment in Israel at an affordable cost. Today, patients who need surgery, cancer therapy, prosthetics, IVF, neurosurgical surgery, and other services most often go to Israel. All medical branches are well-developed in the country, and multidisciplinary hospitals in Israel, as a rule, provide a full range of services.

Today, medical treatment in Israel is:

  • Innovative technologies – all hospitals in Israel are equipped with the latest technology.
  • Patient-oriented - each hospital has specialized departments for medical tourism.
  • Loyal pricing policy – it is well known that prices in Israel are 25-35% lower than in other countries.

the most popular destinations of medical tourism are:

  • Aesthetic medicine: plastic surgery, anti-aging therapy, dentistry, obesity medical treatment (including bariatric surgery);
  • Wellness medical tourism at the Dead Sea (especially in demand among patients who have psoriasis, neurodermatitis, vitiligo, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.);
  • Preventive diagnostics: general and specialized check-ups;
  • Cancer medical tourism;
  • Neurosurgery;
  • Pediatrics;
  • Rehabilitation.

Cancer medical treatment in Israel hospitals

Israeli medicine has achieved tremendous success in the field of oncology. Cancer medical treatment in Israel is included in the list of services of all primary clinics in the country. Over the past 20 years, cancer mortality has decreased by 25%. In addition, the country has the highest life expectancy rates worldwide for patients after cancer medical treatment in Israel.

According to the International Association of Medical Tourism, about 60 thousand foreign patients visit Israel annually, most of whom are people with oncological diseases.

Ultramodern anti-cancer methods include targeted therapy. Its drugs are injected into the patient's body, after which they find cancer cells introduced into them and destroy malignant processes. With this medical treatment in Israel, healthy cells and tissues are not damaged since targeted drugs are aimed at fighting cancer cells.

The biggest hospitals in Israel are engaged not only in clinical practice but also are the bases of research centers. For example, the Ikhilov clinic is widely known in the scientific community as a center for melanoma study. Recently, a breakthrough has been made in treating this formidable disease, called the "queen of tumors."

Cardiology medical treatment in Israel hospitals

Israel's cardiology and cardiac surgery are developing rapidly. Diagnosis of heart diseases is carried out using the:

  • myocardial scans;
  • coronagraphy and computed tomography of coronary arteries and heart;
  • echocardiography at rest and during exercise.

Patients undergo computed tomography to detect initial changes in the density and lumen of the coronary arteries. The reason for such changes in most cases is an excessive amount of calcium, which indicates the presence of such a disease as atherosclerosis of the coronary vessels. After clarifying the diagnosis, the patient receives medical treatment in Israel.

The SHEBA Clinic has the fame of a leading cardiocenter, the first heart transplant in the country was performed here, etc. Therefore, of course, popularity ratings are pretty conditional. Nevertheless, they are essential for patients because they allow an impartial assessment of the clinic's activities and identify its weaknesses and strengths.

Neurology medical treatment in Israel hospitals

Neurology and neurosurgery in hospitals in Israel, in particular, specializes in treating spinal cord and brain diseases. Including diseases of the peripheral nervous system. Medical treatment in Israel is based on advanced developments and technologies.

Doctors in hospitals in Israel successfully treat the most complex diseases, such as spinal stenosis, spinal injuries, and spinal cord neoplasms. For treating epilepsy in Israel, a combination of medications is used that reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures. In some cases, the illness completely disappears.

Orthopedics medical treatment in Israel hospitals

Here are successfully treated joints, brushes, backs, knees, feet, and bone injuries.

Hip and knee joint replacement surgeries are especially in demand. They are worked out by Israeli surgeons to the smallest detail and are performed for patients of all age groups.

Diagnosis in Israel

In most cases, therapeutic success depends on the diagnosis's quality. Check-ups in hospitals in Israel are more than 100 effective diagnostic procedures that will help you quickly and accurately determine the current state of your body's organs and systems.

The availability of state-of-the-art equipment and the participation of world-class physicians in the medical treatment process - all components give a fantastic result.

Diagnosis in hospitals in Israel necessarily includes:

  • standard blood biochemistry tests;
  • immunogram and allergy tests;
  • identification of cancer markers;
  • cytology of biological fluids and biopsy material;
  • establishment of a hormonal profile.

In some cases, rapid diagnostics is carried out, for example, to determine diabetes mellitus, the presence of HIV infection, or the detection of cervical cancer.

The procedures in demand for medical tourism:

  • capsule endoscopy "Pillcam" during the examination of the small intestine;
  • electron microscopy to determine the presence of infections and to study biological materials at the molecular level;
  • Fibro-Acti-test and Fibro-Max-test for accurate determination of cirrhosis and hepatitis, etc.

These and other modern methods are carried out within 1-2 days. Then, the patient can be hospitalized in Israel or undergo an outpatient diagnosis. Conducting molecular screenings and genetic tests increases the time for obtaining results to 4 days.

The average cost of medical treatment in Israel

Many foreign patients are surprised that the clinic does not set the cost of medical treatment in Israel. Prices for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in all hospitals in Israel are the same and are controlled by the state. Moreover, this rule applies not only to Israeli public hospitals but also to private medical centers.

The cost of medical treatment in Israel in private clinics may differ from that of public hospitals in Israel only due to a broader range of additional services. For example, consultations with a world-class specialist of narrow specialization, increased comfort, etc.

If you or your loved ones need medical care in the best hospitals in Israel, contact us by filling out an online form. We will respond to you quickly and provide comprehensive information about medical treatment in Israel and its cost for a specific diagnosis.

Check-up in Israel: how to save money?

In addition to the prices for medical treatment in Israel being much lower than in Europe or the USA, you can save several thousand US dollars on related costs. So, you can save up to $500 on organizational issues.

Upon arrival, you will receive a card from a local operator with an unlimited tariff (savings on communication will be up to $150). In addition, you can save about $350 by booking a direct airport transfer from AiroMedical. Also, a pleasant bonus will be the initial free consultation with a specialized specialist. The savings, in this case, will be up to $570. Please get in touch with our manager to find out what else you can save.

Medical tourism in Israel

Israel is a world leader in medical tourism. The annual profit from treating foreign patients is about 226 million dollars. The rating of the best hospitals in Israel by the number of profits received from foreign patients is:

  1. Sheba Tel-a-Shomer Hospital (Ramat Gan) – $43 million;
  2. Ichilov MC (Tel Aviv) – $35 million;
  3. Beilinson Clinic (Petah Tikva) – $13 million;
  4. Rambam Health Care Campus (Haifa) – $9 million;
  5. Asaf a-Rofe Hospital (Beer Yaakov) – $6 million;

The visa regime for foreign patients coming for medical treatment in Israel is quite loyal. However, the Ministry of Health believes that strict border control deprives the country of profits from medical tourism, estimated at $23 million.

Today, Israeli clinics are ultra-modern medical institutions where will be done everything possible. At the same time, hospitals in Israel have their characteristics, and it takes work to choose one. The websites offer the user ample opportunities for medical treatment in Israel. With such an abundance of offers, it takes time to decide.

To make it easier, we have compiled a rating list, including public and private famous hospitals in Israel.

The most popular destinations for medical care in Israeli hospitals

Medical tourists coming to Israel can be divided into two types:

  1. People who need a minor appearance correction, want to check-up, a preventive course, or get a wellness vacation.
  2. People with severe pathologies, for whom it is vital to receive, for example, high-quality cancer medical treatment in Israel or to undergo rehabilitation after a severe injury.

Based on this, the best cities for medical tourism in Israel:

Tel Aviv

Hospitals in Tel Aviv are high-tech medical institutions that provide care to patients with various types of diseases. In most cases, foreign patients end up in multidisciplinary clinics in the city, such as Ichilov or Assuta. The departments of hospitals in Israel are equipped with the latest technology. More than 96% of operations are endoscopic, laparoscopic, or robotic. After such interventions, the patient recovers in a matter of days.


Thanks to generous funding from the state and numerous sponsors, hospitals in Jerusalem develop 50% of innovative medical treatment that appear in Israel. Among these methods is experimental immune therapy, which allows one to complete the cure of some types of cancer at the 3rd–4th stage.

Ramat Gan

Residents of little Ramat Gan and medical tourists most often turn to the Sheba clinic since it is located relatively close (Tel Hashomer belongs to the municipality of Ramat Gan). In addition, many tourists undergoing medical treatment at this clinic, considered the largest in Israel (in terms of the number of beds and medical staff), rent accommodation in Ramat Gan.


Medical treatment in Haifa also includes many opportunities for those who want to take advantage of medical tourism. Haifa clinics include public and private hospitals, which affects the course of treatment. Each provides a high level of service in all areas of medicine, including rehabilitation, sports medicine, etc.

Top 5 Israeli hospitals – leaders of world medical tourism

We offer a list of the best hospitals in Israel, compiled based on patient reviews. Our list will include public and private clinics in different parts of the country:

Rambam Health Care

It is a modern multidisciplinary Israel hospital that consists of 36 inpatient departments. Every year, more than 750 thousand patients come to the clinic, including many foreigners. The Ministry of Health has included Rambam in the top three clinics in the country. It has an impeccable reputation for medical tourism.

Ichilov (Suraski)

One of the flagships of Israeli medicine is located in Tel Aviv and has been operating for about 60 years. Currently, the medical center includes five large hospitals. In addition, the clinic provides a wide range of services for medical tourism.

Assuta Medical Center Tel Aviv

It is the largest private clinic, which offers its services in all areas of medical treatment in Israel. Assuta is proud of its achievements in oncology, surgery, cardiology, gastroenterology, hematology, neurology, and neurosurgery.

Sheba Medical Center Ramat Gan

In 1987 the first blood bank was created here, which is still successfully functioning, constantly introducing the latest technologies. Currently, Shiba is the largest hospital in the entire Middle East. That center of medical tourism has 150 departments and centers providing various medical care. Most often, foreigners treat oncological, hematological, and autoimmune diseases here. The hospital also offers everyone various check-up programs that will allow you to assess your health and, if necessary, take action.

Hadassah University Medical Centre Jerusalem

It has been operating for more than 50 years. Today, the hospital has 70 departments that provide services in all areas of medical tourism. A research center is based in the hospital, where work is underway to find new cancer drugs. In addition, Hadassah scientists and doctors created effective anti-cancer vaccines several years ago.

Everything you need to know for treatment in Israeli hospitals

Israel is among the global medical tourism market leaders due to the highest level of medicine and moderate cost. Prices are significantly lower than in other countries with a similar level of medicine. Also, patients can combine treatment and rest in the country.

How to get medical treatment in Israel?

  • To undergo treatment in Israel, you must leave a request on our website.
  • Оur consultant will call you back soon to clarify the details of the disease, receive medical documents, and make a preliminary diagnosis and treatment plan. He will tell you about hospitals in Israel and staying options.
  • Upon arrival, you will be met by an employee of the Association of Physicians of Israel, who helps with all current issues.
  • The next day, you conduct an initial consultation with a doctor and begin a check-up.
  • Undergoing medical treatment in Israel.

Advantages of treatment in the best hospitals in Israel:

  • highly qualified doctors and staff;
  • latest generation medical equipment;
  • innovative methods of medical treatment in Israel;
  • early diagnosis;
  • minimally invasive surgical operations with low traumatism and a short recovery period;
  • english-speaking doctors and staff;
  • reasonable cost of medical tourism and comfortable stay in the hospitals in Israel.

Israel is famous not only for medical tourism centers but also for resorts. Here, on the shores of the Dead Sea and in other places with natural hot springs, mineral water wells, or spa complexes, you can not only undergo a complete check-up but also improve your health and see unique historical and art monuments.