Assuta Medical Center Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel
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Assuta Medical Center Tel Aviv
Assuta Medical Center Tel Aviv
Assuta Medical Center Tel Aviv

About the hospital

Assuta Medical Center Tel Aviv is one of the largest, safest and most advanced surgical hospitals in Israel in terms of both technological advances and medical skills. The hospital provides state-of-the-art medical services by leading physicians in keeping with the long tradition of Assuta. According to the prestigious  Forbes magazine, Assuta Medical Center has repeatedly been ranked among the best medical facilities by Israel Dun's 100 Guide. In addition, doctors are annually featured in the ranking of the best doctors in the world.

The hospital's infrastructure is innovative and precisely designed: 10 floors and 16 operating rooms, equipped with the latest international medical and engineering technology. The facility offers over 200 hospital beds, 12 emergency beds, two monitoring laboratories, a high-level oncology institute, and one of the largest imaging centres in Israel. In addition, the hospital has 11 multidisciplinary clinics that annually receive about 680,000 patients from all over the world. The medical team performs about 440,000 CT and MRI examinations, 92,000 surgeries, 4,000 cardiac catheterizations and 16,000 IFVs.

Assuta Medical Center is the first hospital in Israel, which was not built in stages, but as a fully finished, pre-designed medical facility. The hospital offers first-class levels of the safest medical services and the comfort of a fine hotel that sets Assuta apart from any other public health hospital. The imaging equipment has been carefully planned to comply with the strictest and most recent safety regulations of the American College of Radiology to prevent overdoses as much as possible and thus provide more excellent protection to both staff and patients. The Assuta Medical Centre received the JCl - International Healthcare Accreditation Certificate for safety and quality in medicine.

Assuta Medical Center Tel Aviv has advanced technologies and the best specialists in the field of haematology and onomatology, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, dialysis, heart disease, general surgery, cervical diseases, reproductive medicine, and bronchoscopy. The specialized departments of the hospital include neurosurgery and neurology, internal medicine, orthopaedics and traumatology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, endocrinology and diabetology, urology and gynaecology. Hospital surgeons use minimally invasive techniques in surgery, which reduce the risks of operations, speed up the recovery period and avoid the consequences of surgical intervention on the body. Modernity, complexity, attention, care, individual approach and innovative, high results of treatment are the main components of the integrated work of the hospital.

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Founded in 1936
680,000 patients
200 beds available
N/A departments

Is the waiting list at the medical centre long?

The 200-bed clinic provides 680,000 patients annually thanks to high-quality treatment, indicating rapid rehabilitation and minimal complications during treatment. In addition, the high level of organization of the institution allows for providing flawless medical services to everyone without a long queue.

Is NanoKnife used to treat cancer in the clinic?

Doctors use NanoKnife to remove malignant tumours. The technology eliminates metastases and tumours with the help of electric currents without incisions, which reduces the frequency of postoperative complications to a minimum, and provides for a short recovery period.

Why should I choose a hospital for surgical treatment?

Doctors of the medical centre work in hybrid operating rooms that combine the most modern intraoperative techniques and minimally invasive technologies, sparing operations that are easier for patients to tolerate. One of these methods is DaVinci, which guarantees more accurate surgical intervention.

About the city

Tel Aviv is Israel's largest metropolis and hub for innovation, culture and creativity. The city is the most populous in Israel's Gush Dan metropolitan area. The town was founded in 1909 by a Jewish family from Jaffa, a port city inhabited for over seven thousand years.

New York Times named Tel Aviv "The Mediterranean Capital of Cool" for common sense and cultural insight. Tel Aviv has many galleries and museums scattered throughout the city, from the world-famous Museum of Art to smaller, more specialized museums such as the Bauhaus Museum and Tel Aviv-Yafo History Museum, which tell the story of the city and its unique architecture. The cultural life of Tel Aviv is rich and varied. Theatres, dance centres and concert halls are located throughout the city. The city regularly hosts musicians from around the world who give concerts in Israel. Despite being the second most populated city in the country, Tel Aviv has the largest concentration of nightclubs and restaurants in Israel. Nightlife thrives in Tel Aviv due to the city's high percentage of residents between 18 and 34.

Tel Aviv, bordered on one side by the Mediterranean Sea and long sandy beaches and on the other by glass towers that house technology companies, is considered the second most crucial high-tech area in the world. Tel Aviv is ranked twenty-fifth among the most important financial centres in the world. Tel Aviv is home to the Ichilov Sourasky Medical Center, Israel's third largest hospital complex. The city also has many sports clubs, including football, basketball and rowing. Tel Aviv was also ranked as the 10th best city for skateboarding.

Tel Aviv has plenty to see and do with beautiful city beaches, a diverse cultural scene, first-class cuisine and vibrant nightlife. The city serves as a meeting place for the old and the new, reflecting tradition and history and introducing innovation, pluralism and diversity. Instead of religious sites and ancient ruins, Tel Aviv has world-class beaches and vibrant nightlife.

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