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New Stomach (Gastric) Cancer Treatment Options


Stomach cancer, until recently, was one of the most frequent oncological diseases, second only to lung cancer. However, diagnosis and treatment advances over the past three decades have reduced stomach cancer deaths. But this type of tumor is still one of the most aggressive.

Why don't the usual methods work?

Stomach cancer is constantly mutating and changing. So, treatment methods need to be improved. Unfortunately, traditional surgery and chemotherapy are already losing to the latest minimally invasive procedures. The new stomach cancer therapy has significantly fewer complications and does not require long-term postoperative recovery in the hospital.

Conservative methods are still the main ones. But more advanced treatments for stomach cancer and metastasis based on the principles of chemo- and radiation therapy have already been developed. At the same time, they act more accurately, do not kill healthy cells, and do not cause serious side effects. That is why traditional remedies are becoming less effective in the fight against cancer.

Advanced treatment of stomach cancer

Operation Da Vinci. Da Vinci is a robotic system for precise and minimally invasive operations. The doctor controls the robot remotely using a 3D visualization system. All manipulations to remove the tumor are carried out only through five small punctures.

Immunotherapy is a modern method of treating stomach cancer. The protective cells of the body attack and destroy malignant cells. Cancer cells have unique molecules on their surface that allow them to hide from immune attacks. Immunotherapy is aimed at triggering the processes of aggression of human immune cells.

Targeted therapy is one of the most accurate methods of targeting unique proteins and molecules in cancer cells. As a result, anti-cancer drugs destroy only the tumor, and healthy surrounding tissues are safe.

Intra-arterial chemoembolization and chemoperfusion - use the same chemicals. Still, they are injected into the artery that feeds malignant neoplasms in the stomach. Thus, anti-cancer drugs target only cancer cells and have much less effect on healthy tissues. The result is a double effect: the supply of oxygen to the tumor stops, and the chemotherapeutic drug accelerates the death of cancer cells.

Proton therapy. It is safer than conventional radiation therapy. Protons act directly on the tumor and are distributed inside it. The proton beam has practically no effect on healthy cells. Radiation exposure destroys cancer cells.

The CyberKnife system produces radiation beams that infect a malignant tumor with a high radiation dose. Often doctors use it to treat inoperable tumors. The procedure is painless and does not require rehabilitation in the clinic. This method allows the destruction of tumors up to 6 mm in size. It directs the radiation stream strictly into cancer.

Who practices new gastric cancer therapy?

Prof. Dr. med. Daniel Zips
Prof. Dr. med. Tho­mas Vogl
University Hospital Frankfurt am Main
interventional radiology, TACE, interventional oncology
Prof. Dr. Raimon Miralbell Izard
Teknon Medical Centre Barcelona
radiation oncology, radiology, nuclear and proton beams
Dr. Jiri Kubes, Ph.D.
Proton Therapy Centre Prague
radiation oncology, proton beam therapy
Prof. Dr. med. Harald-Robert Bruch, MSc, PhD
Oncological and Haematological Praxis Clinic Bonn
gastroenterology, hepatology, infectious diseases, oncology, hematology, pain therapy and nutritionology
Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Muacevic

Advantages of modern methods of treatment

Why do doctors and scientists worldwide prefer advanced stomach cancer treatment? Why do patients increasingly choose clinics with innovative equipment? Undoubtedly, this is explained by the apparent advantages:

  • targeted effect on cancer cells;
  • minimal harm to healthy cells;
  • low-traumatic methods with minimal postoperative period;
  • absence of severe complications and side effects;
  • the ability to "search" and kill cancer cells at the most distant and smallest metastases;
  • the best indicators of 5-year survival and the absence of relapses in patients.

Statistics for a new Stomach cancer treatment

Open surgery & DaVinci Robotic System

The using robot DaVinci reduces the risk of bleeding, infection, and damage to healthy tissue and reduces pain after the procedure. As a result, the patient recovers within 5-7 days. After an open operation, recovery takes several months.

After the United States, where there are more than 2,500 DaVinci robotic systems, Europe is the largest market with 644 robots. Among the EU countries, Spain and Portugal currently have 39 systems, including 12 DaVinci Xi systems, the latest innovation of the robotic system. In 2016 alone, about 750.000 procedures were performed worldwide, more than 15% more than the previous year.

In 2022, were installed 6.500 DaVinci surgical systems in 67 countries. In addition, more than 55.000 surgeons worldwide have been trained to perform operations on the da Vinci system.

Chemotherapy & transarterial chemoembolization (TACE)

Chemotherapy is a popular method in the fight against stomach cancer, which doctors use before and after surgery. Traditional chemotherapy is a systemic treatment, meaning it affects the entire body. Chemoembolization maximizes the effectiveness of the drugs while minimizing harm to healthy cells and reducing side effects for the patient. But compared to TACE, traditional chemotherapy requires more sessions, causes severe side effects, and has a less favorable prognosis.

In the case of TACE, about 70% of patients will see improvement in the stomach and, depending on the stage, may improve survival rates and quality of life.

The immediate and long-term results of the research, performing TACE in gastric cancer patients was effective in 50% of cases. Furthermore, the case follow-up for three years showed that 37 (61.7%) patients lived for six months, 24 (40%) patients lived for 12 months, 11 (18.3%) patients lived for 18 months, 8 (13.3%) patients lived for 24 months, and only 3 (5.0%) patients lived for 36 months.

Therefore, chemoembolization can be considered an effective and low-toxic method to improve gastric cancer patients' survival and quality of life.

Radiation Therapy & CyberKnife

CyberKnife is much more accurate than traditional radiation therapy. It can deliver radiation at a distance of one to five millimeters around the tumor and radiation therapy - at a distance of 20-30 mm. So compared to conventional radiation therapy, CyberKnife is much more effective. For example, traditional radiotherapy is effective in about 50% of cases of stomach cancer. CyberKnife, on the other hand, is effective in fighting cancer in more than 90% of cases.

CyberKnife is undoubtedly a safer advanced treatment in complex or risky cases of stomach cancer. Several studies indicate the complete disappearance of the tumor after therapy. In addition, after studies in 160 advanced cases of high-risk tumors, experts say that CyberKnife can quickly improve patients' clinical symptoms and obtain therapeutic effects. The device is also suitable for high-risk tumors in cases considered incurable.

Alternative treatment for stomach cancer

Anti-cancer vaccines with dendritic cells. The tumor cells are very good at hiding, making it hard for the immune system to find them. Therefore, vaccination is currently the most promising method of immunotherapy for stomach cancer. The function of dendritic cells is to activate the immune system and present "enemy" cells. Scientists are concluding that this method is safe and well-tolerated, even for treating late-stage cancer.

Hyperthermia. The method enhances the effect of chemotherapeutic drugs on cancerous tumors and metastases. That is especially important for patients when classical chemotherapy is ineffective. New stomach cancer treatment is carried out under the influence of high temperatures. The patient, under general anesthesia, is heated to 42.5–43 degrees. That increases the effect of drugs by 3-5 times and suppresses the activity of tumors and stomach cancer metastases. Hyperthermia prevents metastases in 45-48% of cases.

Ozone therapy in oncology is an auxiliary method of treatment. Ozone is used in small quantities. It saturates cells with oxygen, has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes, and accelerates tissue repair. The technique works very gently and does not cause skin burns. Oxygen is toxic to cancer cells and beneficial to healthy ones. Ozone also cleanses the blood and stimulates the immune system.

Magnetic therapy. That is a specific type of magnetic field effect on the human body. It makes enzymes work harder and speeds up blood circulation. With the help of magnetic therapy, pain and inflammation are relieved. It decreases tissue edema, reduces blood clotting, and stimulates tissue repair.

Best countries for new stomach cancer treatment

Patients often choose Switzerland, Israel, Germany, the USA, Spain, and Turkey for oncology treatment. That is because these countries have achieved the best results in the fight against cancer.

Foreign hospitals demonstrate a high level of optimization in the medical industry and the professionalism of doctors and staff. The main advantages of these countries include the following:

  • latest technologies;
  • modern equipment;
  • doctors with many years of experience and practice in Europe, America, and Asia;
  • high-quality and certified medicines;
  • accreditation of medical institutions;
  • comfortable stay for all patients.

USA: high-tech, far away, very expensive

The government invests much money in scientific research, technology, and the healthcare system. The oldest hospital is the Memorial Cancer Center, named after Sloan-Kettering (MSKCC). In addition to diagnosing and treating oncological diseases, MSKCC pays excellent attention to clients' psychological and physical rehabilitation.

Europe: civilized, professional, but not cheap

Clinics in Switzerland and Germany are on the list of the best cancer centers in the world. In terms of technical equipment and professionalism of doctors, they are not inferior to their US counterparts in new stomach cancer treatment. The list of services includes proton and targeted therapy, Cyber, and Gamma Knife.

Israel: innovative, reliable, technologically advanced

Oncology treatment is carried out based on state and non-state medical centers. A panel of narrow specialists considers each case. The advantage of new stomach cancer treatment in Israel is the availability of all possible methods of cancer treatment used in the world:

  • about 100 chemotherapy drugs;
  • radiation therapy using the latest Novalis TrueBeam STX device;
  • minimally invasive operations, including the use of a DaVinci robot surgeon;
  • immune- and targeted therapy.

The result is one of the world's highest rates of 5-year survival in cancer – up to 94% when detected in the early stages.

Best places for stomach malignancy treatment

University Hospital Rechts der Isar of the Technical University Munich

The hospital is one of the best in radiation oncology. Technical equipment with the latest technologies allows doctors to work on tumors with an accuracy of up to a millimeter. As a result, the center receives thousands of patients annually, providing them with comfortable conditions of stay and effective new stomach cancer treatment.

University Hospital of Frankfurt am Main

It is a multidisciplinary German clinic meeting high European standards. It is known far beyond Germany, thanks to the quality of medical services and the sensitivity of medical personnel. The clinic successfully performs the most complex operations with the help of a CyberKnife. It consists of 32 departments and clinical institutes. It has unique experience in oncology, neurology, cardiovascular medicine, cardiac surgery, and other fields.

Ludwig Maximilian University University Hospital of Munich

It is the largest hospital in Germany and Europe, a center for advanced medicine, medical innovation, and research. About 500.000 patients are treated there annually. Endoscopy, functional diagnostics, and oncological screening are required in the gastroenterology department. Doctors yearly conduct over 8000 endoscopic examinations of the entire gastrointestinal tract, rectum, bile ducts, and pancreas.

Teknon Medical Centre Barcelona

It is an advanced medical institution in Spain, which in 2020 was ranked among the top three in the states in terms of quality of medical care, according to El Espanol. And in 2019, Teknon was recognized by the International Journal of Medical Tourism as the best clinic for patients arriving for treatment from abroad. The interest of patients in the Teknon center is due to three main factors: the best specialists, modern equipment, and active implementation of technically complex, minimally invasive treatment methods.

Sisli Hospital in Istanbul

Almost two years after its foundation, the accreditation certificate of JCI (United International Commission) became the first hospital in Turkey. The twenty-first in the world to receive this certificate, which is known to be a world-class registered trademark in health care. Provides high-quality medical services in every medical specialty and has a prestigious reputation in cardiology, gastroenterology, cardiovascular surgery, organ transplantation, ECO, and genetics.

Proton Therapy Centre Prague

One of the leading clinics in the world for treatment by proton rays in Europe and the world. The center was founded in 2012 in Prague, and since then, specialists have successfully treated more than 6.000 patients. All patients from the Czech Republic and abroad consistently claim the treatment received and the quality of medical care. The center operates under international quality standards and accepts patients with almost all oncological diagnoses.

Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch

One of the clinics of the highest provision category. It represents almost all existing trends in modern medicine. The clinic has more than a century of history, which began with an oncological center. The main achievements of Berlin-Buch are still connected with oncology. The percentage of recoveries in most clinic departments consistently exceeds the national average, and the departments of hematology and neurosurgery are among the best in Europe.

New stomach cancer treatment search with AiroMedical

The Company AiroMedical works individually with each patient to provide the necessary treatment with maximum comfort. As a result, thousands of patients choose AiroMedical for:

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To receive a new treatment for stomach cancer, the patient goes through the following stages:

  • A conversation with our manager to understand individual needs.
  • Real doctors consider each case and choose the appropriate clinics and specialists, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic options.
  • The choice of doctor and hospital is based on proven ratings and indicators.

AiroMedical Company provides all necessary assistance in accommodation, translation, visa processing, ticket booking, transfer, hospital organization, and safe stay.

All you need is to contact us as soon as possible to increase the chances of successful and advanced stomach cancer treatment.


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