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Lutetium-177 in Germany


Prostate cancer treatment with Lu-177 PSMA

Lu-177 PSMA therapy - an innovative radioisotope therapy for prostate cancer. It is an effective targeted treatment when cancer cells with prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) on the surface are labelled with radioactive particles. The drug accumulates in the tumour after injection, migrates through the bloodstream directly into the malignant tissue and thus leads to selective radiation without affecting healthy cells and tissues.

Nuclear therapy is the most promising option for patients with metastatic prostate cancer who have progression of the disease despite surgery, chemotherapy or hormonal therapy.

German criteria - Who is a candidate?

Nuclear medicine is not usually a primary treatment method for prostate cancer. It is an option when the classical methods failed and showed no results. However, Lutetium can also be used in the initial treatment stages, especially when some distant metastases are present.

Commonly, oncologists can prescribe it if prostate cancer does not respond to chemotherapy or hormone therapy and recurs after surgery or radiation treatment.

At the same time, the doctor checks the function of the kidneys and bone marrow, and cancerous cells should accumulate PSMA (prostate-specific membrane antigen) in sufficient quantities. To do this, specialists perform a 68Ga-PSMA-PET CT examination, which shows the accumulation of this antigen by the tumour or metastases throughout the body.

The reason patients come abroad

Patients with stage 4 prostate cancer usually do not live longer than 9-12 months. However, therapy with Lutetium-177 significantly improves their survival: in 64% of patients, the tumour size decreased by more than half. In addition, the life expectancy of patients after the therapy increased by 50%.

Why do patients choose treatment abroad? There are good reasons for this:

  • The method is relatively new and therefore not available in many countries.
  • Abroad, there is a coordinated system of safe production and use of radioactive drugs.
  • There are a lot of institutes and departments of nuclear medicine with great clinical trial opportunities.
  • The doctors in such clinics have extensive experience in the treatment of metastatic stages of prostate cancer.
  • All clinics provide highly qualified medical care to ensure a comfortable stay for patients.

Why is Germany leading for Lu-177 therapy?

The nuclear medicine community in Germany is robust. For example, German specialists were the first to conduct a study evaluating the use of radioligand therapy for advanced prostate cancer patients. Thanks to the work of the German Society of Nuclear Medicine, the use of Lutetium became a breakthrough in the treatment of late stages prostate cancer complicated by metastases. That is why it is not surprising that Germany is the leading country for overseas patients. The country has already achieved international recognition thanks to excellent results and wise combinations of targeted options with conventional approaches.

There are the most highly specialised clinics and experienced doctors in this field. In addition, Germany is home to leading pharmaceutical companies manufacturing Lu-based drugs. Each clinic meets all standards for the safe and high-quality use of radioactive substances.

The best hospitals in Germany

Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch is one of the most influential German clinics. It has one of the biggest Departments of nuclear medicine in the world, which also cooperates with the Prostate Centre to perform diagnostics and therapy for men with prostate cancer. The main advantages of treatment here include:

  • Modern diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant prostate diseases, including Lutetium-177 therapy;
  • Ensuring the safe administration of radioactive drugs without harm to the patient and others;
  • Coordinated work of world-class doctors and all medical staff;
  • Comfortable stay of each patient during the entire course of treatment.

University Hospital Rechts der Isar of the Technical University Munich is one of the biggest university hospitals in Germany. Department of nuclear medicine, molecular and radionuclide therapy is one of the leading in Europe in this field. There are substantive reasons to choose the hospital for nuclear medicine:

  • Men with prostate cancer have access to the most modern and effective therapeutic options;
  • A doctor provides a PET-CT scan to make precise imagine before the treatment;
  • Strict quality assurance controls;
  • The treatment achieves the highest possible chance of recovery;
  • Medical staff always provide each patient with appropriate supervision.

University Hospital Marburg (UKGM) is one of Germany's most significant academic hospitals, with two sites, Giessen and Marburg. The clinic combines the work of leading specialists of research centres, professors of the medical university and experienced doctors of specialised departments. An outstanding contribution of doctors is also in the research of Lutetium treatment and its practical use in prostate cancer. Specialists also use the latest PET-CT diagnostic technique under the same roof before the procedure and for follow-up control.

Cost in German clinics

The average price of the procedure among clinics in Germany varies from 9,900 to 22,500 . What affects the price? For each patient, the cost of the Lutetium method depends on:

  • Prostate cancer diagnosis and stage difficulties;
  • Necessities in diagnostic procedures before the therapy itself;
  • Drug administration doses;
  • Hospitalisation and accompanying care;
  • Follow-up examinations and future recommendations.

Lu-177 PSMA with AiroMedical

Planning for medical treatment abroad can be difficult. How do you know where to start? Where do you find qualified medical professionals to treat prostate cancer? What is the best clinic for Lu-177 PSMA therapy? How do you manage hospital stays, pricing, and travel plans while you may be suffering from pain, fatigue, and other issues?

AiroMedical undertakes to solve all these issues to provide the highest level of medical care to each patient. Therefore, all you need is to call our manager or leave a request and tell us about your problems. Then, the AiroMedical team will take care of everything else:

  • Real doctors select the appropriate clinic, specialist, diagnostic, and treatment options to provide necessary Lutetium therapy individually.
  • The choice is based on verified ratings and indicators of the leading clinics in Germany.
  • AiroMedical team supports patients at all stages, from translation and visa processing to necessary treatment and aftercare.
AiroMedical helps you to find the right healthcare solution, check reliable, up-to-date information and book treatments.