Department of child and adolescent psychiatry

The child and adolescent psychiatry department at Teknon Medical Center Barcelona provide high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic services in child and adolescent mental health. The department comprises a multidisciplinary professional team of specialists in child and adolescent psychiatry and clinical psychology. The consultation begins with an initial conversation with the family, after which the patient is assigned appropriate medical and psychometric examinations. Psychiatrists prescribe a variety of psychological tests to recognize the child's pathology. The diagnostic process ends with a re-interview patient, during which a report on the results is provided. The child's parents or guardians receive a document including the study, diagnostic hypotheses, and therapeutic guidelines. Doctors select therapy individually, depending on the clinical picture of the patient.

The medical team deals with mental illness in early childhood, school-age and adolescence. Doctors provide psychological therapy for functional behavioural disorders, psychosomatic disorders, and mood and eating disorders. In addition, the department organizes advanced training courses for child and adolescent psychiatrists, paediatricians, family doctors, psychologists and speech therapists.

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