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Lipedema Surgery | Turan & Turan Clinic, Turkey

Lipedema Surgery | Turan & Turan Clinic, Turkey

Bursa, Turkey

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Lipedema is a chronic condition characterized by abnormal fat accumulation, typically in the lower body, such as the hips, thighs, buttocks, and legs. It predominantly affects women and often becomes more noticeable during puberty or pregnancy. The exact cause of lipedema is unknown, but hormonal factors and genetics may play a role. Treatment involves various approaches aimed at managing symptoms and preventing progression. Conservative management includes compression garments, lymphatic massage, low-impact exercise, and a healthy diet. Decongestive therapy, such as manual lymphatic drainage and compression therapy, can help reduce swelling and improve lymphatic flow. In more severe cases, surgical interventions like liposuction may be considered to remove excess fat and alleviate symptoms. Before the surgery, the patient will undergo a comprehensive evaluation to determine their liposuction candidacy and discuss expectations and potential risks. Pre-operative instructions may include discontinuation of certain medications and fasting before the procedure. Liposuction for lipedema is typically performed under general anesthesia to ensure the patient's comfort and safety during the procedure. In some cases, local anesthesia with sedation may be used. Once the patient is under anesthesia, the surgeon will make small incisions in the skin strategically placed in the treatment area. These incisions are usually tiny, ranging from a few millimeters to a centimeter in length. Using specialized cannulas (thin, hollow tubes), the surgeon will gently suction out the excess fat deposits from the affected body areas. The cannulas are inserted through the incisions and manipulated to break up and remove the fat cells. The surgeon will carefully target and remove the abnormal fat deposits associated with lipedema while preserving surrounding tissues and structures. The goal is to achieve the treated areas' smoother, more proportionate contour. Once the desired amount of fat has been removed, the incisions are closed with sutures or adhesive strips. Sometimes, temporary drains may help remove excess fluid and reduce swelling post-operatively. After surgery, the patient will be instructed to wear compression garments over the treated areas to minimize swelling, promote healing, and support the newly contoured tissues. Lipedema worsens without intervention, leading to further abnormal fat accumulation in the affected areas, such as the hips, thighs, buttocks, and legs. In addition, excess fat and associated inflammation can cause persistent pain, discomfort, and tenderness in the affected areas. Advanced stages may result in mobility limitations, making it challenging for individuals to perform daily activities and maintain an active lifestyle. In some cases, untreated cases can progress to lymphedema, a condition characterized by swelling due to impaired lymphatic drainage. Lymphedema increases the risk of infections, skin changes, and further complications. Chronic inflammation can damage tissue and contribute to the development of other inflammatory conditions or comorbidities. Long-term untreated lipedema may increase the risk of developing secondary health issues such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and musculoskeletal disorders. A multidisciplinary approach involving lifestyle modifications, conservative treatments, and surgical intervention when appropriate is essential for managing lipedema and reducing the risk of complications. Regular follow-up with healthcare providers is crucial for monitoring the condition and adjusting treatment as needed.

What’s included

Medical service

  • Consultations
  • Doctor follow-ups
Laboratory tests
  • Pre-op Blood Tests
  • Pre-op ECG
  • Pre-op and post-op MRIs, X-Rays
  • Liposuction
  • 3 days of hospitalization
  • Room fees
  • Nursing services

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Airport transfer
Single room
Hospital meals
Personal coordinator
Language Assistance


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Patient advocacy
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Meet the provider

Why to choose us?

An excellent team of orthopedists
Our team consists of professionals who work with highly complex cases and have become pioneers in Turkey in robotic surgery. Our medical director has over 30 years of experience and successfully performed over 3,500 robotic surgical operations.
The first and the best in joint surgery
Our hospital has performed more than 5 joint surgeries not previously performed in Turkey, including robotic total knee replacement, kinematic knee replacement surgery, and Journey II XR to protect the cruciate ligaments of the knee.
Physiotherapy for recovery
High equipment and a separate department of physiotherapy allow for improvement in the postoperative condition of patients after liposuction. Better healing of surgical incisions with an excellent cosmetic effect and reduction of swelling enable the patient to be discharged within a few days.
Always ready to help
Turan Turan is well-known and has no waiting list policy. You can come whenever you want. We only request that you send your representative your passport and flight ticket for all the arrangements one week before your arrival.
State-of-the-art equipment
Turan & Turan Hospital uses the Mazor X Robotic Spine System, revolutionizing spine surgery with precision and safety. Its robotic guidance aids surgeons in complex procedures, ensuring accurate spinal alignment and instrumentation placement.


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To whom can doctors recommend lipedema surgery?

Doctors may recommend lipedema surgery for individuals who experience moderate to severe symptoms such as persistent pain, mobility limitations, and psychological distress that significantly impair their quality of life.

Can I have my medical examinations in Turan Turan?

Of course, you can. The advantage of coming to Turan & Turan Clinic for your examinations is that we can complete all the examinations and doctor controls in 4-5 hours. You will have the most accurate treatment plan for eliminating your complaints from the most professional orthopedic doctors.

What conditions should I follow after lipedema surgery?

Following lipedema surgery, patients should meticulously adhere to post-operative guidelines. Wear compression garments as directed to minimize swelling and promote healing. Manage pain with prescribed medication and practice proper wound care to prevent infection. 

What are the contraindications for lipedema surgery?

Contraindications for lipedema surgery may include severe medical conditions that increase surgical risks, such as uncontrolled diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Patients with untreated infections or poor wound healing may not be suitable candidates.

What is the cost?

The total price for Lipedema Surgery | Turan & Turan Clinic, Turkey is €3,673. However, it can vary from the specifics of each case. Get in touch to get an individual estimate.

What is the rating of the offer?

Lipedema Surgery | Turan & Turan Clinic, Turkey is rated as 9.70 by AiroMedical.

Who is offering a deal?

The provider is Op. Dr. Kayhan Turan.

How long does the offer take?

The offer is designed for 3 days.

Does the offer require you to stay in the clinic overnight?

Where can I see the media files?

What are the age restrictions?

The offer is eligible only for adults.

Can I customize the content of the offer?

Yes, the components of the deal can be changed. Get in touch with a vendor to create a personalized proposal.

Does the offer include extra services?

Lipedema Surgery | Turan & Turan Clinic, Turkey has 20 add-ons and unique AiroCare services for AiroMedical users.

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