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Turan & Turan Hospital

Turan & Turan Hospital

Bursa, Turkey

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95%849.7/10$$$4292199850360003 medical unitsPrivate hospitalKids, AdultsSpecializedInpatient, OutpatientMediumYes


Size & Capacity

Medium, 50 beds

Clinic type


Type of care

Inpatient, Outpatient

Age group

Kids, Adults

4.7 on Google

The data collected based on 84 patient reviews on Google


Features & Facts

The first in robotic surgery
Turan & Turan Hospital is the first Turkish clinic that simultaneously provides a robotic surgery center with Mazor-X Stealth, O-Arm Navigation, and Navio 7 Robotic Assisted.
Wide choice of cartilage restoration
Orthopedists have 4 different types of cartilage restoration, including arthroscopy, matrix-induced autologous chondrocyte implantation, osteochondral autograft, and allograft transplantation.
Attention to international patients
More than 1,100 international patients annually from all over the world receive highly qualified care at the hospital. In addition, the clinic is the owner of international medical tourism certification.
Bacteriophage therapy
Doctors have many years of experience using innovative bacteriophage therapy, which has proven effective in treating and preventing implant-related infections, diabetic foot wounds, and osteomyelitis.
An incredible experience
The hospital boasts doctors who have the most experience in robotic surgery. Dr. Kayhan Turan has performed more than 3,000 robotic surgeries in orthopedics.

About the clinic

Turan & Turan Hospital is an internationally recognized innovative orthopedic clinic that opened in 1998. Thanks to the expanded range of robotic surgery, the hospital is a leader in orthopedic treatment in Turkey. A relaxed, friendly atmosphere and 24/7 medical staff support help patients undergo treatment without unnecessary worries. The structure of the medical center is divided into 4 departments covering the most sensitive problems of orthopedics, in particular, oncological and orthopedic, joint and spinal injuries. Also, the patient may be acceptable if additional diagnostics are needed. Doctors have fast access to X-rays, MRI, CT, and ultrasound scans. Clinic Turan & Turan has many years of experience in treating patients of various degrees of complexity and actively preventing severe complications and the need for surgical intervention in the future. In particular, high-quality physical therapy, rehabilitation, intra-articular injections, and bacteriophage therapy are popular methods among orthopedists. Conservative cures help not only to find a solution for patients with chronic pain syndromes and autoimmune lesions but also to implement a recovery period for maximum recovery of motor functions. The doctor determines the need for surgical intervention after a consultation. It should be noted that the joint surgery unit has state-of-the-art technologies for knee replacement surgery. The Smith+Nephew NAVIO robotic-assisted system allows doctors to consider the individual characteristics of the joint and surrounding soft tissues as a 3D model without a radiological burden. In addition, the technique has a significant advantage in using certified joint implants without restrictions. Another advantage of Turan & Turan Hospital is the possibility of multidimensional intraoperative surgical imaging using the O-arm Device and StealthStation navigation. Detailed visualization minimizes the risks of damage to the minor nerves and blood vessels, including during spine surgery. The spine also receives additional protection thanks to the Mazor X robotic guidance system. The precision of the surgeon's hands and the possibility of detailed planning of each step allow for minimally invasive operations of varying complexity. Robotic surgery is especially relevant for children to preserve tiny structures and growth zones. Minimally invasive and robotic surgical interventions, joint replacement, cartilage restoration, and treatment of orthopedic oncological lesions are available to children and adult patients at Turan & Turan Medical Center. The possibility of comfortable treatment without complex rehabilitation is the primary goal of the doctors.

Primary focus

physical therapy
capital femoral epiphysis
cruciate ligament reconstruction
developmental dysplasia hip
orthopedic traumatology
spine surgery
replacement surgery
orthopedic surgery
rotator cuff
cruciate ligament
femoral nail
idiopathic scoliosis
cartilage thickness
coronal alignment
femur fractures
osteochondral lesions
intertrochanteric femur fractures
adductor tenotomy
plantar fasciitis
hip prosthesis
bone cysts
shoulder instability
pedicle screws
bipolar hemiarthroplasty
rheumatoid arthritis
neurophysiological monitoring
sacrum tumors
capsular shift
capsular reconstruction
muscle strength
bone joint
muscle joint health

Departments & Doctors

Orthopedic surgery, orthobiologics
Op. Dr. Kayhan Turan

orthopedics and traumatology

Physical therapy, rehabilitation
Dr. Adem Karaca

physical therapy and rehabilitation

Spine surgery
Op. Dr. Yunus Uysal

orthopedics, traumatology, and spine surgery


Extra services

Language Assistance
Visa Support
Travel Assistance
Stay Arrangements


Can I choose Turan & Turan Hospital to treat sports injuries?

Doctors have many years of experience in conservative and surgical cures for sports injuries. In addition, the clinic has patient-specific after-surgery programs for successful rehabilitation.

Is the hospital suitable for metastatic bone disease?

The medical center offers quality treatment for patients with metastatic lesions, tumors and bone cysts, soft tissue sarcoma, multiple myeloma, and Paget's disease of bone. In addition, doctors deal with benign neoplasms such as lipoma and fibrous dysplasia.

What diseases of the back are treated with the help of robotic surgery in the clinic?

Patients with scoliosis, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, kyphosis, spondylolisthesis, and spine fractures are the best candidates for robotic surgery. Mazor X™ robotic guidance system allows you to work with the most complex structures of the body.

What is the rating of the clinic?

Turan & Turan Hospital is rated as 9.70 by AiroMedical.

What do patients say about Turan & Turan Hospital?

The clinic has 84 feedbacks at other places. The UserScore of the hospital is 95%.

How can you book a service, and what is the cost?

There are 35 offers & 35 price tags presented on AiroMedical. Select the service needed and proceed with booking. Don’t find a proper deal, contact the clinic to get a custom offer.

What is the primary focus of the hospital?

The medical center is an expert at arthroplasty, knee, traumatology, orthopedics, and surgery.

What is the overall experience of the facility?

Turan & Turan Hospital has been operating since 1998. It has accumulated over 26 years of clinical background.

Where can I see the hospital's work, interior space, and exterior?

AiroMedical gallery has 306 photos & 123 videos related to Turan & Turan Hospital.

Does the clinic have certification or recognition?

Yes, Turan & Turan Hospital has been certified by 2 organizations.

What is the structure of the hospital?

Where is the clinic located?

The address of the facility is Bursa, Turkey.

Does the hospital offer online consultations?

Yes, Turan & Turan Hospital performs virtual appointments and offers a second medical opinion service.

What age range of patients can be admitted to the clinic?

The hospital accepts patients of all ages.

What type of stay is offered at Turan & Turan Hospital?

The clinic offers both inpatient and outpatient services, so you can be hospitalized (if indicated).

Turan & Turan Hospital
Turan & Turan Hospital

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