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Distant second opinion with an oncologist

Distant second opinion with an oncologist
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About the offer

Suppose you want a second opinion from an oncologist. In that case, you can choose oncologists with experience treating your type of cancer and who work at a reputable hospital or cancer center. Making an appointment once you have selected a few is essential. As well as bring all medical records: blood test findings, image tests, biopsy reports, and current oncologist treatment recommendations. Preparing to write all questions for the oncologist and concerns regarding the treatment is critical. Bringing a friend or family member for support and better remembering will be helpful too. There are several reasons to seek a second opinion from an oncologist and the potential benefits of getting it. A second opinion can confirm the diagnosis. A second oncologist may have superior treatment options and propose measures to improve the quality of life through newer treatments. A second opinion might boost confidence in the treatment strategy and clarify the possibilities. It is important to remember that seeking a second opinion is personal and does not mean disrespecting the current oncologist. It is common for patients to seek a distant consultation, and most doctors will understand and support them.

What’s included

Medical service

  • medical anamnesis preparation
  • formulation of a question list
  • translation of medical reports
  • translation of the answer from an oncologist
  • further recommendations
  • follow-up question answering
Distant service
  • clinical history-taking
  • medical records review
  • distant consultation with an oncologist


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What is the cost?

The total price for Distant second opinion with an oncologist is €250. However, it can vary from the specifics of each case. Get in touch to get an individual estimate.

How long does the offer take?

The offer is designed for 3 days.

Where can I see the media files?

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What are the age restrictions?

The offer is eligible for both adults and kids.

Can I customize the content of the offer?

Yes, the components of the deal can be changed. Get in touch with a vendor to create a personalized proposal.

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