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Cervical cancer treatment with chemotherapy

Cervical cancer treatment with chemotherapy
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Chemotherapy is one of the commonly used treatment options for cervical cancer. It is a cancer treatment that uses drugs to destroy cancer cells. The therapy has a systemic approach and spreads throughout the body. Chemotherapy for cervical cancer can be given through a vein or taken orally. It is often combined with other methods, such as surgery and radiation therapy. The goal of chemotherapy is to kill malignant cells and shrink tumors. The duration of chemotherapy treatment for cervical cancer varies depending on the stage and severity of cancer. The course can last from a few weeks to several months. The treatment is typically used in advanced stages of cervical cancer or when cancer has spread to other body parts. It may also be used as the primary treatment for some cases of cervical cancer. Chemotherapy for cervical cancer has many benefits, including killing cancer cells throughout the body, even in difficult-to-reach areas for other treatments. It can also help reduce symptoms such as pain and bleeding. However, like all cancer treatments, it can have side effects, including fatigue, nausea, and hair loss.

What’s included

Medical service

  • clinical history-taking
  • medical records review
  • physical examination
  • consultation with a gynecologist-oncologist
Laboratory tests
  • complete blood count (CBC)
  • biochemical analysis of blood (kidney and liver function tests, electrolytes)
  • inflammation blood tests
  • urinalysis
  • ultrasound imaging of the pelvis
  • CT scan of the pelvis
  • pre-procedure patient preparation
  • chemotherapy port placement (on the indication, price is not included)
  • 1st course of systemic chemotherapy for cervical cancer
  • post-procedure care
  • symptomatic treatment
  • cost of chemotherapy drugs
  • cost of essential medicines
  • cost of essential materials
  • nursing service
  • discharge medical records
  • further recommendations


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