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Brain abscess treatment with conservative medications

Brain abscess treatment with conservative medications
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In the first days of the disease development, conservative therapy is used in the presence of a small inflammatory area. After that, neurologists choose the most optimal treatment scheme based on the diagnosis results and the general condition. Treatment of brain abscesses is aimed at destroying infectious agents and signs of inflammation, eliminating the main clinical signs, and strengthening the body. Since the brain inflammatory process provokes bacteria, the therapy of the disease necessarily involves their destruction. Therefore, determining the bacteria type using an antibiogram is essential in treating the condition. However, there are cases when the result of the analysis turns out to be uninformative. Therefore, in such situations, broad-spectrum antibacterial therapy is prescribed. The duration of taking antibiotics may be pretty long, about 6-8 weeks. In cases where antibiotic treatment fails, glucocorticoids are often prescribed. These drugs reduce inflammation. Medical treatment of brain abscesses includes prescription medications that improve cerebral circulation, anti-edema, diuretics and anticonvulsant drugs, and vitamin complexes. As a rule, with timely medication treatment and evacuation of the purulent contents of the brain, the prognosis for patients is quite favorable.

What’s included

Medical service

  • clinical history-taking
  • medical records review
  • physical examination
  • consultation with a neurosurgeon
Laboratory tests
  • complete blood count (CBC)
  • biochemical analysis of blood (kidney and liver function tests, electrolytes, lipid panel)
  • inflammation blood tests
  • antibioticogram
  • urinalysis
  • neurological examination
  • MRI scan of the head
  • stereotactic cerebral abscess puncture (on the indication, price is not included)
  • specimen examination (on the indication, price is not included)
  • 1st course of antibiotic therapy for brain abscess
  • symptomatic treatment
  • cost of antibiotic drugs
  • cost of essential medicines
  • cost of essential materials
  • hospitalization
  • nursing service
  • discharge medical records
  • further recommendations


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