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Parkinson's disease treatment with stem cell therapy

Parkinson's disease treatment with stem cell therapy
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Stem cell therapy is a promising non-surgical approach to treating Parkinson's disease. They can uniquely transform into the specific cells that the patient's body needs most. As a result, stem cells can become dopamine-producing neurons that help improve movement issues, tremors, and stiffness. Stem cells are administered through an IV injection and naturally find areas of inflammation and damage in the body. As a result, they reduce inflammation, including in the brain, and regulate the immune system, slowing Parkinson's progression. First, doctors carefully evaluate the patient and order various tests to ensure they can safely undergo stem cell therapy. Then, several examinations are conducted to diagnose the severity of Parkinson's disease. Finally, pre-procedure patient preparation aims to create optimal conditions and boost the stem cell count. Stem cells from fat tissue are taken from the patient, grown in a lab, and then put back into the patient's body to mend and grow new neurons. After the treatment, patients are given medicines to help them manage their post-procedure symptoms. A follow-up might be needed to assess the treatment's success and track the progress. Typically, it might take several months to see the first results. However, in certain instances, combining this approach with conventional medications or DBS surgery may enhance the overall effectiveness of stem cell treatment for Parkinson's.

What’s included

Medical service

  • clinical history-taking
  • medical records review
  • physical examination
  • consultation with a regenerative medicine expert
Laboratory tests
  • complete blood count (CBC)
  • biochemical analysis of blood (kidney and liver function tests, electrolytes, lipid panel)
  • inflammation blood tests
  • neurological examination
  • pre-procedure patient preparation
  • stimulation therapy
  • adipose stem cell collection
  • stem-cells implantation
  • post-procedure care
  • symptomatic treatment
  • cost of essential medicines
  • cost of essential materials
  • nursing service
  • discharge medical records
  • further recommendations


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The offer is eligible for both adults and kids.

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