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Colon cancer treatment with radiotherapy

Colon cancer treatment with radiotherapy
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Radiotherapy is an external beam radiation that aims to shrink and destroy cancer in the colon. In most cases, colon cancer treatment with radiotherapy is combined with chemotherapy and surgery. As a result, it reduces the risk of the disease returning. Preparation includes a conversation with the radiation oncologist, who explains the treatment's features and gives recommendations. Before starting treatment, a computer simulation is performed. Then, the doctor uses CT imaging to outline the tumor and create a 3D model. Instead of CT, MRI or PET scans are sometimes performed. Special marks are applied to the skin to mark where the radiation will be directed. It is essential to choose the correct dose and duration of the procedure. The radiologist decides based on the tumor's type, size, localization, and general condition. Radiation should effectively destroy cancer but harm healthy cells as little as possible. During the session, the patient is placed on a table, and a beam of radiation is directed according to the marks on the body. It does not cause pain or discomfort and takes only a few minutes. Then, the patient needs to lie down quietly, with natural breathing. During the treatment, the doctor monitors the condition and the effect of radiation on the body's functions.

What’s included

Medical service

  • clinical history-taking
  • medical records review
  • physical examination
  • consultation with a radiation oncologist
Laboratory tests
  • complete blood count (CBC)
  • biochemical analysis of blood (kidney and liver function tests, electrolytes)
  • inflammation blood tests
  • CT scan of the abdomen
  • pre-procedure patient preparation
  • 3D radiation planning
  • external-beam radiation therapy of the colon tumor
  • post-procedure care
  • symptomatic treatment
  • cost of essential medicines
  • cost of essential materials
  • nursing service
  • discharge medical records
  • further recommendations


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What is the cost?

The total price for Colon cancer treatment with radiotherapy is €10,924. However, it can vary from the specifics of each case. Get in touch to get an individual estimate.

How long does the offer take?

The offer is designed for 42 days.

Does the offer require you to stay in the clinic overnight?

No, Colon cancer treatment with radiotherapy is an outpatient deal.

Where can I see the media files?

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What are the age restrictions?

The offer is eligible for both adults and kids.

Can I customize the content of the offer?

Yes, the components of the deal can be changed. Get in touch with a vendor to create a personalized proposal.

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