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Essential tremor treatment with conservative medications

Essential tremor treatment with conservative medications
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Currently, no drug treatment options might completely cure the essential tremor's causes. Still, neurologists can prescribe various conservative medications that might significantly decrease the severity of symptoms. In most cases, drugs are given to patients who face difficulties in their everyday tasks and work due to their condition. Treatment with medications varies depending on the patient's age, general health status, and severity of the essential tremor symptoms. Currently, three main groups of medications can help to decrease the symptoms of the essential tremor: beta-blockers, tranquilizers, and anti-seizure drugs. Beta-blockers, mainly primidone and propranolol, are the most frequent medications for patients with essential tremors. Unfortunately, up to 10-15% of patients develop tolerance after one year of treatment with beta-blockers. Anti-seizure medications, including gabapentin, primidone, and topiramate, often become the therapy of choice for patients who doesn't respond to beta-blockers. In addition, tranquilizers, including benzodiazepines, might be helpful for patients who experience anxiety-related and stress-related tremor episodes. Also, combining different medications might become the best option in many cases. Having the right combination of drugs patient can tolerate essential tremor symptoms and have a good quality of life. However, more advanced options exist for those who don't respond well to medications.

What’s included

Medical service

  • clinical history-taking
  • medical records review
  • physical examination
  • consultation with a neurologist
Laboratory tests
  • complete blood count (CBC)
  • inflammation blood tests
  • neurological examination
  • performance tests
  • beta-blockerstranquilizers, and anticonvulsant medications to control essential tremor
  • symptomatic treatment
  • cost of the drugs
  • cost of essential medicines
  • cost of essential materials
  • nursing service
  • discharge medical records
  • further recommendations


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The offer is designed for 5 days.

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The offer is eligible for both adults and kids.

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