Department of nutrition medicine

The department of nutrition medicine at University Hospital rechts der Isar of the Technical University (TUM) Munich is an interdisciplinary team created to provide optimal nutrition therapy adapted to the patient's needs to improve the nutritional status and quality of life. There are surgeons, physicians, dietitians, nutritionists, specialists in enteral and parenteral nutrition therapy, and therapists involved in the work. The staff is certified by such professional associations: The German Nutrition Society, The German Society of Qualified Nutritional Therapists and Nutritionists, and The German Association of Dietitians. A famous professor leads the team with multiple academic accomplishments and manages cachexia - extreme malnutrition and weight loss due to cancer and other severe conditions. 

The department is mainly focused on patients with gastrointestinal conditions resulting in or caused by malnutrition, and cancer, extensive interventions (surgeries, for example) will firstly benefit from nutritional advice. Along with nutritional advice, patients can receive artificial nutrition under the strictest standards of modern medicine.

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