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Nystagmus is an irregular and uncontrolled movement of the eyeballs. The condition develops as a result of traumas and disorders of various areas of the brain. Therefore, it is rather a symptom than a specific eye disease. Nevertheless, early diagnosis and therapy of the actual cause help reduce involuntary eyeball movements.

Nystagmus (eye tremor) is a disease characterised by involuntary eye movements. As a rule, two eyeballs are affected. Visually, this is manifested by the rapid movement of the eyeballs in a circle, horizontally or vertically. However, irregular and uncontrolled eye movements are the foremost common signs of the disease.

Eye tremors can occur due to trauma or some other conditions. Sometimes the cause lies in neurological or ENT issues, so ophthalmologists recommend consultations with related specialists. Depending on the cause, two types of eye tremors are distinguished:

  • Optokinetic - appears as a result of eye diseases;
  • Vestibular - develops in response to damage to the inner ear.

A person who does not know about the presence of nystagmus will still feel its symptoms: dizziness, a feeling of the world spinning around, nausea, impaired coordination of movements, and double vision.

Ophthalmologists examine visual acuity in a straight and forced head position with and without glasses. Then, the situation can be clarified by electronystagmography, computer and magnetic resonance imaging, which detect brain diseases. Sometimes the patient is examined by a neurosurgeon.

The treatment of nystagmus consists of the therapy of the underlying disease - eliminating the general cause. In addition, ophthalmologists use some drugs that temporarily lower the number of involuntary eye movements. Patients with tremors are also prescribed glasses or contact lenses to improve the quality of vision. It helps see better during involuntary movements of the eyeballs.

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