Eye injury treatment

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Eye injury is a condition when the integrity and function of the eye structures are impaired. Such trauma is unsafe because, in addition to damage, the eyesight can be lost entirely. Treatment consists in washing the eye and removing the foreign body. Severe injuries require surgery and antibiotic drops to cure the inflammation.

An eye injury is serious because it can lead to blindness and disability. Eye damage can be obtained anywhere: at home, at work, on the street, in an accident, in a fall, in a fight, etc. According to statistics, approximately 1 million people get an eye hurt yearly. Interestingly, about 90% of all injuries are preventable.

Ophthalmologists divide eye trauma into categories, depending on the depth of the lesion: non-penetrating and penetrating. Another classification includes the following types:

  • Mild kind does not lead to visual impairment.
  • Moderate injuries are temporary injuries that reduce vision.
  • A persistent decrease in vision characterizes severe ones.
  • Particularly severe leads to loss of sight.

Many factors affect eye damage. In everyday life, an eye injury can happen for various reasons:

  • Hit;
  • Gunshot wound;
  • Wounds of the eyelids;
  • Chemical or thermal burns (acid, glue, steam, fire, ice);
  • Foreign body (sand, shampoo, soap, insect, fragment, stick, and more).

The main symptoms are ocular pain, burning and lacrimation. Other accompanying signs are red-eye, oedema, vision loss, blurred vision, burning and pain when blinking.

Depending on the depth of the lesion and the type of injury, the doctor may wash the eye. If small foreign bodies (dust, eyelashes, insects) get into the eye, you need to blink. Tears will clear the eyes; if not, doctors gently remove them. In the case of deep penetration, foreign objects are removed by surgeons during the operation. Burns also require surgery and even eye structure transplantation. Drug treatment (drops and ointments) treats inflammation.

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