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Infections, inflammations, and systemic diseases affecting the eye globe contain many conditions leading to progressive vision loss over time. Clinical symptoms range from unnoticeable silent progressive vision loss to acute eye pain and redness. Timely diagnosis and treatment ensure the preservation of eyesight.

Globe (eyeball) disorders are eye conditions of various origins, characterised by impaired visual function and cosmetic issues.

Depending on the cause, congenital anomalies, eye infections, allergic, autoimmune, benign and malignant tumours of the eyeball are distinguished. In addition, there are also traumatic eye diseases caused by mechanical, thermal, chemical or radiation effects. The most common eye globe disorders are:

  • Endophthalmitis is inflammation of the inner membranes of the eye.
  • Panophthalmitis is inflammation of all surrounding soft tissues (muscles, eyelids, tissue) and all eye membranes.
  • Damage to the eye by copper (chalcosis) or iron (siderosis) compounds.
  • Phthisis bulbi is the final phase of eye damage (infections, trauma, inflammation, tumours, vascular disorders, and complications from surgery). It can be characterised by a decrease in the eyeball, a change in the position of the eyes, and a drop or even loss of vision or blindness.

Intraocular foreign body, hypotony of the eye, globe atrophy and degeneration, haemophthalmos (bleeding in the eyeball) and luxation (prolapse) of the globe are also types of eyeball damage.

Symptoms manifest with a sudden loss of vision, double vision, eye pain, and eyelid swelling. Early diagnosis of eye globe diseases is carried out with special ultrasound devices, microscopes, analysers, tomographs and scans.

Conservative treatment might include:

  • Drug therapy - drops, ointments, injections, tablets;
  • Optical correction;
  • Physical therapy - gymnastics for the eyes and massages.

Depending on the severity of the disease, eye doctors perform microsurgical and laser interventions. Occasionally, ophthalmologists might recommend reconstructive eye surgery or an eye globe prosthesis.

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