Department of vascular and endovascular surgery

The department of vascular and endovascular surgery at University Hospital Frankfurt am Main of Goethe-University is a supra-regional centre in which all vascular system diseases are treated. As a certified vascular centre and aortic centre (RAL Quality Mark), the department offers highly qualified, holistic treatment of all vascular conditions. The department team consists of three senior physicians with a head physician, three specialists, two secretaries, assistants, the nursing staff of the university outpatient clinic, vascular surgery ward, and the operating wing. 2,000 operations are performed at the department, and 4,000 outpatients receive medical care annually. There are three spacious treatment rooms, two intervention rooms, two operating theatres for outpatient operations, and a separate recovery room. 

The spectrum of interventions ranges from open surgeries to the latest interventional catheter techniques (singular or in combination with open surgery) and conservative procedures (non-surgical or medications). In addition, the department works with all diseases regarding arteries, veins, and lymph vessels and implantations of catheters/shunt grafts for different medical purposes.

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