Department of rheumatology

The department of rheumatology at University Hospital Frankfurt am Main of Goethe-University care for patients who suffer from the entire range of rheumatic conditions. The department is equipped with modern special wards for rheumatism patients and quality management in all supply areas is certified according to DIN EN ISO 2001:9000. Two laboratories are in use in the department: Rheumatological-immunological routine laboratory and Rheumatological research laboratory. The University Hospital is the seat of the Rhein-Main Rheumatism Center and a member of the Working Group of Regional Cooperative Rheumatism Centers (funded by BMG/BMBF). There is a separate study outpatient clinic for conducting clinical studies. Interdisciplinary clinical research (psoriatic arthritis, collagenases/vasculitides), as well as basic research, is carried out in close cooperation with the Department of adult and pediatric dermatology, venereology, and allergology. 

The activities performed at the department within the broad spectrum of diseases with musculoskeletal manifestations are in the area of ​​inflammatory rheumatic systemic diseases. Treatment includes day ward stays, the latest approaches within immunotherapy, and conservative drug prescription.

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