Department of nuclear medicine

The department of nuclear medicine at University Hospital Frankfurt am Main of Goethe-University is one of the leading nuclear medicine facilities in Europe. In addition to excellent clinical care at the highest level, trend-setting participation in numerous innovative studies characterizes the clinic. An international team of experts guarantees reliable and optimized diagnostics and therapy, the expertise of which is a valuable source of second opinions. Numerous specializations in thyroid treatment and complex tumour diseases, among others, have grown out of the long-established tradition of nuclear medicine in Frankfurt. The department is a part of the University Center for Tumor Diseases (UCT) as a diagnostic and treatment facility.

In the field of isotope diagnostics, all standard nuclear medical procedures and special examinations are offered. The department offers 7 types of Positron emission tomography-computed tomography (PET/CT), scintigraphies of various organs, and isotope therapies with particular attention to the thyroid and prostate glands.

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