Department of internal medicine (cardiology, angiology and nephrology (kidney disease))

The department of internal medicine (cardiology, angiology and nephrology (kidney disease)) at University Hospital Frankfurt am Main of Goethe-University diagnoses and treats heart, vessels, or kidney disorders. The department is heavily equipped with modern technologies for additional medical care for patients with kidney diseases and high blood pressure and patients before, during, and after kidney transplants. The department's structure includes an outpatient clinic, emergency units such as the emergency room with a "Chest pain unit", intensive care and monitoring stations, two wards, and a day clinic. Additionally, three cardiac catheter stations are available in the department's cardiac catheter laboratory. Since August 17, 2004, the central laboratory of the department has been recognized for an implemented quality management system (QM system) following DIN EN ISO 15189 (accreditation of medical laboratories).

All standard and modern methods of invasive diagnostics of coronary heart disease, large vessels, myocardial diseases, heart valve diseases, or diseases of the kidneys are routine at the department. In addition, special invasive procedures such as intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), intracoronary Doppler flow, various dialyzes, and apheresis are available.

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