Department of neurosurgery

The neurosurgery department at Kardiolita Hospital Vilnius offers diagnostics and effective surgical treatment of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems. Timely and accurate diagnosis is crucial to ensure appropriate therapy, which is why the department has state-of-the-art CT, MRI, PET CT, ultrasound and functional imaging equipment. In addition, the operating rooms of the department are equipped with navigation systems, intraoperative microscopes and specialized surgical instruments. The primary goal of the medical team is to relieve the patient's symptoms and return to a full life. Together with the department of neurology, doctors pay special attention to the treatment of epilepsy. In ineffective conservative medical treatment, neurosurgeons use surgical techniques and vagus nerve stimulation.

Patients can seek medical help in the department with congenital anomalies, diseases and injuries of the spinal cord, radiculopathy and many other neurological disorders. The department doctors are members of the national neurosurgical communities, guaranteeing the quality of medical services. In their practice, the medical team uses innovative methods. For example, botulinum toxin injections are an effective and safe method of treating chronic migraine, significantly improving sufferers' condition and decreasing psychological stress.

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