Department of endocrinology

The endocrinology department at Kardiolita Hospital Vilnius is a centre where patients with endocrine disorders are examined, consulted and treated. The medical team uses advanced diagnostic methods to provide top-level medical services. After a comprehensive assessment of the medical history, clinical picture and the results of laboratory diagnostics of the patient, endocrinologists develop a treatment regimen. Specialists use algorithms designed by national and international endocrinological communities when prescribing treatment. In addition, many years of experience of the department's specialists make it possible to apply medical, surgical and radionuclide methods. In most cases, diagnosis and treatment are carried out on an outpatient basis, but if necessary, hospitalization at the clinic is possible.

The department specializes in diagnosing and treating diabetes, thyroid disease, obesity, adrenals, hypophysis, gonads, calcium metabolism disorders and other endocrinological diseases. The main goal of doctors is to alleviate the symptoms of the disease, prevent the development of complications with damage to the kidneys, heart or brain, and return the patient to a full-fledged lifestyle. For example, doctors advise patients on physical activity, diet therapy, and eliminating bad habits to avoid endocrine disorders.

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