Institute of Cardiology Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland
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Institute of Cardiology Warsaw
Institute of Cardiology Warsaw
Institute of Cardiology Warsaw

About the hospital

The Institute of Cardiology Warsaw is one of the 6 centers in Poland in which heart transplantation is available. In addition, doctors have performed cardiac surgery and effective medical treatment since 1979. As a result, 40% of all transplants in Poland are performed here and have a high survival rate compared to the average in other centers.

The clinic meets the high-quality criteria of ISO 9001:2000. More than 16,000 patients receive services in inpatient departments, and 63,000 consult outpatients. About 2,100 operations per year are sufficient to maintain the necessary experience and proper development of the cardiac surgical field. In addition, the hospital became the first to use telemedicine for consult patients worldwide. This approach is especially relevant for foreign patients who can maintain contact with the doctor after discharge.

The medical center has high-tech equipment for a quick and precise diagnosis of disorders, such as 384-multislice CT, MRI, nuclear medicine imaging, SPECT-CT, Echo, and ultrasound diagnostics devices. The availability of monitoring for arrhythmias and hemodynamics, artificial respiration devices, and bedside renal replacement therapy allow the Institute of Cardiology in Warsaw to provide emergency medical care and intensive care in the most challenging cases. The additional use of therapeutic hypothermia and mechanical cardiac support is a significant measure to save a patient's life during cardiac arrest and significantly reduces the risk of complications. A significant achievement of the medical center was the use of robotics electrophysiology with the Genesis Magnetic Navigation (RMN) robotic system from Stereotaxis. Thanks to modern technologies, the clinic provides gentle organ-preserving treatment of arrhythmias, which has no analogs in the country. Patients also have access to unique treatment owing to numerous clinical studies conducted at the medical center, including studies of genetic mutations in cardiomyopathies, using 64-slice CT scans for non-invasive coronary angiography, treating valvular disease by implanting non-stent valves and homografts and many others.

Warsaw Institute of Cardiology provides cardiosurgical treatment, vascular surgery, treatment of coronary heart disease, congenital and valvular defects, cardiomyopathies, arrhythmia control, heart transplantation, and rehabilitation. The development of molecular biological technologies in diagnostics and minimally invasive treatment methods allow the clinic's doctors to get positive results from the treatment. In addition, the low risk of complications, high survival, and remote support of the patient at home make the medical center the institution of choice for treatment.

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Founded in 1979
79,000 patients
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Should I choose the Institute of Cardiology Warsaw for the treatment of arrhythmia?

The clinic became the only cardiology center in Poland that uses the Genesis Magnetic Navigation (RMN) robotic system for catheter treatment of arrhythmias. This approach gives cardiac surgeons high results in normalizing the heart rhythm without additional incisions.

Is the medical center suitable for a heart transplant?

The clinic is one of the largest service providers in the country in the field of heart transplantation. Many performed interventions and compliance of post-transplantation treatment and rehabilitation with world medical standards contributed to international recognition.

Will I be able to get rehabilitation after heart surgery?

The special rehabilitation department offers patients recovery after long-term treatment in gyms and with psychologists. In addition, proper physical support and rehabilitation planning at home help reduce cardiovascular disease risks and allow the heart to work better.

About the city

Warsaw is the capital and one of the most modern cities in Poland. Unfortunately, Warsaw was destroyed during the Second World War, but in 4 years, the entire historic centre was restored with incredible accuracy and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Warsaw's architecture is a mixture of different styles that tell the rich history of Poland and its capital. Palace Square and the Royal Castle, Wilanów Palace and Lazenkowski Park, The Basilica of the Holy Cross, the Cathedral of John the Baptist, the unique museums, and the Copernicus Science Center leave an unforgettable impression on the city. In addition, there are over a hundred theatres, cinemas, museums and art galleries in the Polish capital. A walk along the streets of the Old and New Towns allows you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of central city life. Impressive streets, squares and cosy cafes create a unique sense of historical atmosphere. In summer, the squares of the Old and New Towns become stages for musical and theatrical performances and open-air galleries.

Warsaw is the birthplace of the famous musician Frederic Chopin, after whom the city's main airport is named. The city is developing rapidly, so it has many kindergartens, schools and higher educational institutions. Particular attention is paid to the healthcare system. The town has a large number of public and private medical institutions. For example, Carolina Medical Center Warsaw is one of the leading centres in Europe in the field of orthopaedics, traumatology and neurosurgery. The Union of European Football Associations has chosen the clinic to provide medical care to the participants of EURO 2012, which confirms the high professionalism of the doctors.

Warsaw is a dynamic European metropolis characterized by the hospitality of its inhabitants, the Vistula River and exceptional culinary delights. Numerous traditional cafes, typical of the architect, the magnificent Vistula embankment, and tall skyscrapers - give the city its uniqueness and charm. The Polish capital is a city travellers discover again and again with each subsequent visit.

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