Helios St. Elisabeth Hospital Bad Kissingen

Bad Kissingen, Germany
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Helios St. Elisabeth Hospital Bad Kissingen
Helios St. Elisabeth Hospital Bad Kissingen
Helios St. Elisabeth Hospital Bad Kissingen

About the hospital

Helios St. Elisabeth Hospital Bad Kissingen was opened in 1864 at the foot of the Rhine in the world-famous German spa town of Bad Kissingen. It is the largest hospital providing primary and standard care in the field of surgical, therapeutic and orthopaedic treatment in the Bad Kissingen area. The hospital building has high-quality room furniture and spacious lounges.

The medical centre provides 225 beds and serves about 11,000 patients a year. In addition, 12 specialized departments and 400 competent and dedicated employees from 24 countries ensure quality treatment and quick recovery of patients. Additional benefits of the centre include a translator to serve the patient in his native language, luxury and family rooms, individual consultation and treatment by the head doctor, a varied menu, free Wi-Fi, and pay TV. Quiet rooms for rest and prayer are also available in the hospital.

Helios St. Elisabeth Hospital Bad Kissingen has a variety of services, experienced teams, modern medical technologies, and high standards of nursing. The clinic's medical staff is part of the tumour committee with senior doctors of the University of Würzburg, teaches nurses for the vocational school, and trains specialists with the DEB School of Physiotherapy and the Hans Weinberger Academy Schweinfurt. The medical centre adheres to a 10-point safety concept, the measures of which protect sick people, visitors and employees from the spread of infections. Social services are available at the clinic to help develop a rehabilitation plan and create applications for home care, assistive devices and follow-up treatment. The hospital supports Green Ladies and Gentlemen, a voluntary initiative of the Protestant Association for Health and Care of the Elderly, whose activities aim to improve patients' well-being. Also, Helios St. Elisabeth Hospital holds various campaigns focusing on health, sports, culture, environmental awareness, data protection and the fighting against racial discrimination.

Helios St. Elisabeth Clinic is a multidisciplinary medical centre specializing in surgical and conservative treatment of the digestive system, visceral surgery and proctology, neurosurgery and orthopaedics urological diseases,  women's consultation and gynaecology, and oncology. Additionally, speech therapist services, plastic surgery and rehabilitation are available. The medical team has many years of experience diagnosing and treating patients and guarantees medical services according to the highest international standards. 

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Founded in 1864
11,000 patients
225 beds available
N/A departments

Is the gynaecological service developed at Helios St. Elisabeth Hospital Bad Kissingen?

The doctors offer a wide range of services for women's health treatment, including gentle methods of stress urinary incontinence therapy (the introduction of a tension-free bandage). Other surgical areas treat diseases of the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries with the help of laparoscopy. 

Will I have rehabilitation after surgery or treatment of severe disorders such as stroke?

In internal medicine, patients are treated with respiratory therapy for mobile patients and patients with neurological disorders such as hemiplegia, according to Bobat's concept. In addition, highly effective physiotherapy, acupuncture and relaxation therapy are available for orthopaedic patients. 

Can I have proctology surgery at the hospital?

The need for surgical treatment is discussed in cooperation with resident doctors at the pre-hospital appointment, using magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound examination of the rectum. Many operations can be offered thanks to minor or without incisions laparoscopic or endoscopic methods.

What range of services does the clinic offer?

Doctors offer gastroenterology, oncology and neurology services and treat diseases of the genitourinary and musculoskeletal systems. Neurosurgery with high recovery results, comprehensive rehabilitation, speech correction, and aesthetic surgery is also provided according to world standards.

About the city

Bad Kissingen dates back to 1738 and is the fourth largest city in the administrative district of Lower Franconia, Germany. Since the 18th century, Kissingen has become a world resort that competes with Carlsbad and Baden-Baden and is included in the UNESCO list. 

Seven prominent mountains surround Bad Kissingen. The ruins of Botenlauben Castle tower rise above the city. The main architectural symbol of Bad Kissingen is the "Regent's Mansion" - Regentbau, built in the early 1910s. During the reign of Ludwig I, Bad Kissingen turned into one of the leading water resorts in Europe. Seven healing water springs with high mineral content are the basis of its reputation as a world-class resort. Even 500 years ago, doctors recognized their healing and soothing effect, scientifically proven today. Bad Kissingen's guest lists were topped by crowned heads such as King Otto I of Greece, Emperor Franz Joseph I, Empress Elisabeth of Austria, and Alexander II. 

The town's history with its healing springs focused the medical attention of Bad Kissingen physicians on mental health and a healthy lifestyle and contributed to the development of medical centres. Advanced high-quality technologies are combined with patients' spiritual support and medical institutions' educational work. The city is home to the famous centre Helios St. Elisabeth-Krankenhaus Bad Kissingen. The centres specialize in the surgical and therapeutic treatment of various diseases. Orthopaedic, neurosurgical, and gynaecological departments are particularly attractive for patients from all over the world. Medical services are equally available to children and adults.

The natural healing properties of Bad Kissingen and high-quality German medicine are combined in one place for all residents of neighbouring cities and countries worldwide. The convenient location and carefully selected additional services make the treatment comfortable and standardized according to the global standards of the healthcare system.

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