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Kiel, Germany
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Helios Hospital Kiel
Helios Hospital Kiel
Helios Hospital Kiel

About the hospital

Helios Hospital Kiel is a modern medical centre offering first-class orthopaedics and surgical services for local and international patients. Founded in 1970 as the Waldwiese Klinikum, the institution has grown into a specialist clinic with more than 40 specialists performing surgical procedures. The clinic is located in the seaside city of Kiel, which is often called the main gateway to the Baltic Sea.

The qualified team of doctors in the Kiel Clinic treats more than 2,700 inpatients and 1,300 outpatients annually. Thanks to their successful experience, surgeons perform about 4,500 operations per year. The clinic has 60 beds in bright rooms with a new renovation. Each room includes a TV, radio, Wi-Fi and a bathroom.

Hospital Kiel has an excellent technical infrastructure, including six modern operating rooms with navigation systems, surgical microscopes, MRI and CT. The clinic's operational activities are arthroscopy, arthroplasty and hand and foot surgery. Doctors use surgical interventions only after all options for conservative surgery have been exhausted. Moreover, doctors offer alternative therapies, including acupuncture, osteopathy, and chiropractic. Many patients who have received, for example, an artificial hip or an artificial knee, undergo a rehabilitation course after their stay in the hospitalDoctors pay special attention to hospital hygiene. One of the tasks of the hospital hygiene team is to record and evaluate pathogens and nosocomial infections and educate hospital staff.

The Helios Kiel Hospital includes the departments of general surgery and vascular surgery, neurosurgery and orthopaedics, trauma surgery, physiotherapy, and plastic and reconstructive surgery. Doctors, therapists and nursing staff of the hospital have been trained in the field of orthopaedics, rehabilitation medicine and sports medicine and have many years of experience treating patients who have just undergone surgery. Together with the Helios Dump Clinic, the medical team has developed a follow-up treatment concept specifically for patients with orthopaedic conditions. The range of treatments ranges from physiotherapy to respiratory therapy, cardiovascular gymnastics, manual therapy, gait training and manual lymphatic drainage.

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Founded in 1970
4,000 patients
60 beds available
N/A departments

What types of orthopaedic surgeries are offered at the clinic?

Arthroscopic operations through millimetre incisions, endoprosthesis, replacement of an artificial joint with a new one, hand and foot operations, and neurosurgical interventions on the spine are services of the hospital. The focus is placed on quick recovery and maximum preservation of limb functions.

How many orthopaedic surgeries does the hospital perform?

Almost 5,000 operations per year are performed by doctors of the clinic using old proven methods and innovative low-traumatic interventions. Where possible, specialists, on the contrary, prefer conservative forms of treatment (non-surgical).

Can I have foot surgery at Helios Hospital Kiel?

Thanks to microscopic surgery and minimally invasive neuroprotective operations, the clinic offers a wide range of foot surgery services for valgus deformity, gout lesions, correction of flat feet and clubfoot. Minimal incisions and precision ensure a quick return to everyday life.

About the city

Kiel is an atmospheric place on the coast of the Baltic Sea in the northern part of the country. Kiel is the largest city and capital of Schleswig-Holstein, an international seaport where cruise liners arrive. Ferries depart from the city to Sweden and Norway.

The city has a long tradition of shipbuilding and the navy, but today it is characterized by vibrant student life, a laid-back lifestyle and an urban style. Visitors to the city can experience this both in the modern city centre and on Danische Straße, a street full of maritime charm with 19th-century buildings. The oldest building in the city is the 13th-century St. Nicholas Church, which has a sculpture by Ernst Barlach in front of it. In addition, Kiel has several museums, including zoological, geological, historical, fine arts, industrial and military museums.

It is a significant host city for the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, one of the world's largest classical music festivals. The city also hosts the most critical event in the world of sailing, a big summer festival in northern Germany. The town has a magnificent Old Botanical Garden with its unique exotic old trees surrounding the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein Kiel. Breathtaking views of the dam and the Kiel Bay only contribute to patients' rapid recovery and rehabilitation.

Kiel is a quiet city by the sea, enjoying the vast expanses of the Baltic Sea and the short distances of a compact city with great tradition and a city image that has been constantly developed over the years. Kiel offers a wide range of excellent restaurants and shops. The city is a perfect choice for both active and peaceful holidays.

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