Department of alternative and integrative medicine

The department of alternative and integrative medicine at the Centre of Advanced Medicine and Biological Therapy Frankfurt am Main is the facility practising unique integrative medicine, alternative cancer therapy and non-conventional therapy. Advanced medicine consists of a combination of proven and long-established treatment methods. The integrative approach aims to find the body’s weak points and investigate the cause, not just treat symptoms like conventional medicine. It relies primarily on a holistic approach. The practice stands on its own 7 pillars (treatment rules), based on over 40 years of local staff experience. The chief physician of the department is a world-recognised alternative medicine practitioner with several author treatment methods. There are numerous therapeutic options, with natural, biological remedies and proven strategies, which administers in conjunction with the latest technologies. The department serves patients with the modern methods of traditional conventional medicine, alternative biological therapies, stem cell therapy and extensive use of natural approaches. The latest integrative approach in stem cell therapy is widely used for severe medical conditions and non-treatable conditions.

The main pillars of treatment of the department are stem cell therapy, biological immunotherapy, palliative cancer treatment and infusion therapy with detoxication. There are numerous unique treatment options available for severe conditions like whole-body and local hyperthermia, ozonetherapy, TPS-transcranial pulse stimulation, insulin potentiation therapy, etc.

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