Department of spine orthopaedic surgery

The department of spine orthopaedic surgery at ATOS Orthopedic Clinic Munich is a world-class medical facility for spinal medicine. The head of the department is a renowned expert, certified by the Leading Medicine Guide. The most modern, minimally invasive surgical techniques enable the successful treatment of the entire spectrum of spinal pathologies with the shortest possible inpatient stays. The facilities are equipped according to the latest word in science. Some manipulations are available to be performed under the supervision of a 3D X-ray for the highest precision and efficacy. Local hygiene protocols are constantly developed and supervised, along with the general treatment guidelines. The team of professional staff is trained to provide the best possible experience for the patients.

The surgeons treating acute and chronic spinal problems offer holistic therapies and examinations. Emotional and social factors also play a role in back problems and are considered. In addition, modern minimally invasive treatment is provided among surgical options.

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