Department of foot and ankle orthopaedic surgery

The department of foot and ankle orthopaedic surgery at ATOS Orthopedic Clinic Munich employs experienced and highly regarded experts in their field in Bavaria and Germany, and internationally. For example, the head of the department is one of the pioneers in using minimally invasive techniques and resorbable implants in foot surgery. Consequently, it is not surprising that the department's physicians are regularly recognized in the annual lists of top doctors. Complimenting innovations and scientific achievements of the staff is high-tech equipment for safe and effective surgery. Special attention to every patient allows for individual care. For example, insoles can be made at the department using a computer-assisted procedure to measure foot pressure (pedography). The values ​​obtained are transferred to a CAD system. The insole is individually milled from a foam block and covered with quality leather on the last step. 

Various conditions connected to the foot and ankle are treated, including injuries, chronic diseases, and inflammatory and sport-related diseases. Conservative methods are widely used, for example, modern pain relief therapy and a range of minimally-invasive surgery.

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