Academic Hospital DRK Berlin-Mitte

Berlin, Germany
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Academic Hospital DRK Berlin-Mitte
Academic Hospital DRK Berlin-Mitte
Academic Hospital DRK Berlin-Mitte

About the hospital

Academic Hospital DRK Berlin-Mitte is the oldest one in the DRK Sisterhood. The building has an optimal location on Drontheimer Street in Berlin, available to reach. Furthermore, the hospital departments are located short distances from each other, enabling quick and sufficient coordination between them.

The hospital has more than 250 beds, and its medical team consists of 90 qualified doctors. The hospital is divided into eight departments, where patients get high-class specialization help. In addition, the academic Hospital DRK Berlin-Mitte offers more than 200 study places for future doctors, assistants, and medical care personnel.

DRK Berlin-Mitte Clinic was twice certified by the FAZ Institute as a “Best Hospital” for the departments of vascular and thoracic surgery and internal medicine, which proves its professionalism. Furthermore, the hospital leads scientific projects in pulmonology, thoracic surgery, and general and visceral surgery. The hospital is a scientific partner of Martin Luther University and University Hospital Charite Berlin. In addition, the clinic is an academic teaching hospital of University Hospital Charite. The hospital cooperates with one of the largest training centers for nurses.

The clinic follows the latest international guidelines and recommendations in routine medical practice and patients care. The hospital is known for its high-level certified lung clinic and vascular and diabetes centers. Experienced doctors treat tumorous diseases, digestive system diseases, blood systems, and sleep disorders in the departments of internal medicine. Gentle thoracic operations are performed in the certified department of thoracic surgery.

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Does the clinic treat patients with diabetic foot syndrome?

Academic Hospital DRK Berlin-Mitte specializes in diagnosing and treating people with diabetes (type 1, 2, and rare forms of diabetes) and vascular conditions. A proven area of ​​work for specialists in treating patients with diabetic foot syndrome.

Can I treat lung cancer at Academic Hospital DRK Berlin-Mitte?

The lung cancer center was established to treat lung cancer (lung carcinoma). The specialists have many years of experience examining and treating patients from all over Germany and some European countries with various lung diseases and sleep and breathing disorders.

What treatment can the hospital offer for vascular diseases?

The whole spectrum of vascular diseases is treated in the vascular and endovascular surgery unit - operative, interventional, and combined procedures. It has outstanding experience treating circulatory disorders in the legs, venous diseases, and vascular conditions caused by diabetes mellitus.

Doctors in Academic Hospital DRK Berlin-Mitte

About the city

Berlin is a place with a rich and amusing history. It is well-known as the capital of Germany and the biggest city in the country. It is considered the center of all cultural, business, political, medical, and scientific events. You can visit thousands of unique sites that carry the entire nation's history here.

Of course, one of the most famous landmarks would be the Brandenburg Gate towering over the Pariser Platz. It symbolizes unity and peace that King Frederick Wilhelm II ordered to be built in 1788. The Gate has seen both World Wars and several uprisings, and nowadays, people visit it as a reminder of the greater good. You can't miss Museum Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site between the River Spree and the Kupfergraben. There you have a chance to see one of the most cherished museums of the city:  the Old Museum. The New Museum, the Old National Gallery, and the Bode Museum are also ready to show their vast treasures.

In addition to the huge historical and cultural part, the city is famous for leading medical facilities, world-known doctors, and scientists. The German healthcare system is rightfully considered one of the best in the world. The city has multiple well-known hospitals: University Hospital Charite Berlin, University Hospital Immanuel Bernau Berlin of the Brandenburg Medical School Theodor Fontane, and Academic Hospital Bundeswehr Berlin. They treat patients and conduct scientific/teaching activities. The famous private hospitals have branches in Berlin: Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch, Park-Clinic Weissensee Berlin, and Vivantes Hospital Berlin-Neukolln. It is worth mentioning that the vast majority of German Nobel Fellows in Medicine are from Berlin. The city is full of scientific and research centers that drive world medicine to a new level.

Overall, Berlin is a perfect place to visit if you want to explore new cultures and benefit from leading healthcare services. It has a lot of cultural landmarks and medical institutions. Besides that, you can find numerous establishments where you can rest after a long trip and spend a lovely evening.

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