Department of oral and maxillofacial, reconstructive surgery

The department of oral and maxillofacial, reconstructive surgery at University Hospital rechts der Isar of the Technical University (TUM) Munich includes two professors, four experienced senior physicians, three senior physicians, and 12 assistant physicians who work in a well-organized team to ensure seamless care for their patients. They specialize in all sub-areas of their subject, including complex clinical cases. The clinic has 24 beds, three operating theatres, and a large outpatient clinic with additional operating rooms. Every year 1,900 inpatients and approx. 20,000 outpatients are treated using the latest technologies. The scientific work of the department is at the frontiers of maxillofacial and oral surgery research and the design of new medical guidelines. For example, microvascular tissue transfer and the S3 approach for oral cavity carcinoma were developed.

Several unique and highly advanced technologies are used in the department, such as extracorporeal perfusion of skin transplants, naso-alveolar moulding (NAM), 3D printing and visualization devices, microscopes, and lasers. In addition, specific attention is paid to cleft lip and palate, tumours, reconstructive surgery, aesthetic facial surgery, and dental implants.

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