Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Konstanz

Konstanz, Germany
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Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Konstanz
Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Konstanz
Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Konstanz

About the hospital

Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Konstanz is located directly on the shore of Lake Constance, a few kilometres from the island of Mainau, Meersburg and Switzerland. For decades, the clinic has been persistent in providing neurological patients with the best possible treatment. Today, the network of Schmieder clinics is widely known in the international medical arena.

The clinic's 200 highly qualified staff treat about 2,500 patients annually in stages C and D. The clinic is top-rated among patients requiring wheelchairs. In addition, the clinic provides a hassle-free daily clinical life for wheelchair users and people with disabilities - elevators, wide corridors, stepless therapy rooms, and a park bordering directly on the shore of Lake Constance - all of these contributes to the rehabilitation success of our patients. The clinic has 195 beds. Almost all rooms are single, but they can also be equipped for additional accommodation of loved ones.

Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder constantly cares about improving the services provided and their quality. For example, the clinic's highest quality of medical services was awarded the prestigious German KTQ and IQMG certificates. Furthermore, in 2006, the clinic received the certificate "Recognized Multiple Sclerosis Center" from the German Multiple Sclerosis Society. The clinic also has a department of psychotherapeutic neurology, which is the only one in Germany that pays attention to psychotherapeutic and psychosomatic diseases and the consequences of neurological disorders.

The main focus of the treatment is on multiple sclerosis, psychotherapeutic neurology and occupational therapy with a neurocognitive focus. In addition, the location has special offers for the treatment of muscle diseases and patients with chronic stroke. The medical team uses innovative treatment methods with scientifically proven effectiveness and modern diagnostics to create an individual therapeutic proposal for patients.

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Founded in 1950
2,500 patients
195 beds available
1 departments

What range of treatment does the centre offer?

The clinic has been a leader in rehabilitating neurological patients for more than 70 years, such as multiple sclerosis, psychotherapeutic neurology and occupational therapy with a neurocognitive focus. In addition, it has an additional service for the treatment of muscle diseases and stroke.

Why should you choose Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Konstanz?

The medical centre is ideally suited to serve neurological patients who require wheelchairs. Elevators, wide corridors, stepless therapy rooms, and ramps ensure comfort and unhindered movement. In addition, the quality of service is confirmed by the prestigious German KTQ and IQMG certificates.

Is the hospital suitable for the treatment of multiple sclerosis?

Since 2006, the clinic has been recognized as a multiple sclerosis centre for its significant achievements and world-class treatment standards. Thanks to the staff and highly qualified doctors, the best result and quick recovery are guaranteed.

Is there a long waiting list at the medical centre?

The clinic has 195 beds, and rehabilitation is usually faster than the average rate in other centres. Due to the high efficiency of treatment and experienced personnel, the need for repeated treatment is reduced. This approach makes it possible to provide timely treatment for all interested parties.

Doctor in Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Konstanz

About the city

Konstanz is a medieval city located on the shores of Lake Constance in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. The city is a major tourist centre of the country with many historical sights. Konstanz is a neat university town with numerous restaurants, bars and shops in the picturesque Old Town. Locals, called "lake hares", like to walk along the promenade on warm days or relax by the lake's pools.

The Rhine River divides Konstanz into two parts: on the left south bank stands the Old Town - the town's historical core, and on the right bank - the modern city. The main natural attraction of the town is considered to be a vast reservoir, the depth of which reaches 255 m. On the shores of Lake Constance, there are many architectural monuments, churches, cathedrals and castles. However, the most curious and striking attraction is the ancient village called Uhldingen-Muhlhofen. The fact is that the dwellings were built directly on piles, while the age of some towns is 2-3 thousand years.

A popular visitor attraction is the University of Konstanz, founded in 1966. He is known throughout the world for participating in the advanced research program. The university attracts tourists with a luxurious garden, on the territory of which there is a path leading to the lake. In addition, Konstanz is home to one of the branches of the Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder, a medical institution that specialises in neurological rehabilitation.

Cultural diversity, streets with traditional buildings in the historical part, bottomless blue Lake Constance - all this is a picturesque city of Konstanz. Thousands of people visit Konstanz every year, making it one of the most popular holiday resorts. As a result, the town has everything needed for various types of recreation, including thermal complexes, many beautiful parks, city museums with unusual exhibits, and even a sailing school where travellers can study how to wakeboard, water ski and drive motorboats.

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