Minimally Invasive Centre Hunfeld

Hunfeld, Germany
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Minimally Invasive Centre Hunfeld
Minimally Invasive Centre Hunfeld
Minimally Invasive Centre Hunfeld

About the hospital

Minimally Invasive Center Hunfeld is a highly specialized medical facility that offers patients the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the internal organs, with particular emphasis on surgical treatment. The centre can offer comprehensive interdisciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic concepts thanks to close cooperation with specialized medical partners and clinics.

One of the main activities is the differentiated diagnosis and outpatient treatment of inguinal hernias. Around 220,000 hernia operations are performed annually in Germany. Therefore, it is essential to get timely help to avoid complications. In acute, severe pathological conditions, the medical team is ready to take the patient urgently.

The centre provides treatment for both adults and children. After a thorough diagnosis, the doctors decide on the need for surgical intervention. In most cases, preference is given to gentle, minimally invasive techniques. Patients have several advantages, such as a small scar after the intervention, less blood loss, and almost painless and quick recovery. In addition to treating hernias, doctors have extensive experience identifying and treating rectum diseases. Furthermore, the clinic has full permission from the Hessian State Medical Association to train proctologists, confirming high professionalism and qualifications.

The key focus of the clinic is the treatment of internal organs using minimally invasive procedures. These are diseases such as umbilical hernias and hernias of the abdominal cavity, anal fistulas and abscesses, and inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. For oncological diseases, various interdisciplinary treatment options are also available, allowing optimal results to be achieved through the possible inclusion of oncology centres.

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Founded in 2006
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What treatments are available at the Hunfeld Minimally Invasive Center?

The main direction of the clinic's work is the treatment of abdominal organs with the help of low-traumatic procedures. Doctors have many years of experience treating hernias, anal fistulas and abscesses, inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, haemorrhoids and oncological diseases.

Can I get treatment at the clinic for my child?

The centre treats people regardless of age. Most conditions can be treated in pediatric patients equally to adults. In most cases, preference is given to minimally invasive techniques. After surgery, a small scar remains, and less blood loss is guaranteed with an almost painless and quick recovery.

Does the hospital have a proctology centre for the treatment of haemorrhoids?

In addition to general surgery, doctors have extensive experience in rectum diseases. In addition, the clinic has full permission to train proctologists, which confirms high professionalism and qualification. Attention is paid to anal fistulas or fissures, haemorrhoids and thrombosis of rectal veins.

Doctor in Minimally Invasive Centre Hunfeld

About the city

Hunfeld is a small town nestled in the shadow of the Basalt Mountains, surrounded by forests and the Rhön Mountains in the Fulda region of Hesse. The city elegantly fills its 120 square kilometres with art, history, culture and sports.

The city's hallmark is the city monastery of St. Boniface, which receives about 8,000 guests a year. The first functional computer in the world was invented in Hünfeld. The city inspired the poet Goethe who wrote the poem "Jahrmarkt zu Hunfeld" in 1814 after visiting it. Guests of the city will be interested in seeing the "City and district historical museum Hünfeld". Art plays a significant role in the city's daily life, so the open-air art museum is one of the best attractions, built without walls.

In addition to art, sport is also of great importance in Hünfeld. Equestrian sports are prevalent. There are cycling routes and Nordic walking routes for lovers of active sports. The city also pays special attention to the developing healthcare system. For example, the private Minimally Invasive Center Hunfeld operates for residents of the town and foreigners, providing surgical care for various conditions.

Hunfeld is a beautiful city at any time of the year. During the summer, visitors can schedule a game of golf or take a refreshing dip in the outdoor pool. Travellers can fall in love with the city in winter while enjoying the picturesque countryside and skating on the frozen Lake Haselsee. Finally, visitors can taste some of the best local wines and regional cuisine in autumn.

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