Department of vascular surgery and vein diseases

The department of vascular surgery and vein diseases at MEOCLINIC Berlin is a high-profile facility providing treatment for the vessels. Premium equipment used at the department allows for the fastest diagnosis and safest treatment in the shortest periods. For example, TRIPLEX sonography represents an extended possibility for diagnosis. The experienced vein specialists at the department received information about the condition of the veins and vein valves and the functionality of the veins. Existing or old thromboses can be visualized well with this non-invasive diagnostic method, so the vessels' X-ray with a contrast medium is usually not necessary. Modern treatment techniques are practised in the department. The "Venefit procedure" is a scientifically evaluated modern form of therapy developed in recent years. This minimally invasive procedure for the treatment of insufficient truncal veins has established itself mainly because of its low level of complications and effectiveness. The treated veins remain in the body, have no function, and are no longer visible from the outside. This and other highly specialized procedures are available on an outpatient and inpatient basis.

All aesthetic, minimally invasive, and conventional treatment methods for vascular surgery are carried out in this private practice. In addition, catheter implantation is also possible. Diagnosis mainly consists of different modern types of ultrasound. Sometimes, an X-ray and different kinds of angiography can be used. 

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