Department of urology

The department of urology at MEOCLINIC Berlin has many years of extensive experience in inpatient and outpatient urology. In the 25-year career as chief physician at the urology clinic, the head of the department was responsible for more than 50,000 surgical interventions focusing on the treatment of urological tumour diseases of the prostate, bladder, and kidneys. The team is one of the pioneers of urological laparoscopy and laser surgery. These minimally invasive procedures offer patients a gentle option for surgical treatment with few side effects. The most modern treatment methods for urological tumours are used, such as focal therapy for prostate cancer, LDR brachytherapy, en bloc resection of bladder tumours, and modern therapies for bladder emptying disorders.

The primary focus of the urologists in the department includes both the conservative and surgical treatment of diseases of the bladder, kidneys, testicles, and prostate. Local urology experts would also like to help patients avoid illnesses or detect them at an early stage through regular preventive measures. Male fertility and andrology service are provided as well.

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