Department of neurosurgery

The department of neurosurgery at MEOCLINIC Berlin offers a wealth of experience in brain and spinal cord medicine. The conservative treatment options provided by local specialists in neurosurgery include acute pain treatment with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving medication for all types of pain, such as headaches, back pain, or neck pain. An individual treatment concept is developed for each patient. If surgical treatment is necessary, the surgeons mainly use minimally invasive procedures under local anaesthesia. Minimally invasive interventions in the vertebral canal or nerve canal or on the small vertebral joints ensure excellent safety for the patient, thanks to their high level of accuracy. These interventions are usually performed as part of a short inpatient stay at the hospital. Overall, the same neurosurgical specialist carries out both the diagnostics and outpatient and inpatient treatment. The experts are also available for a neurosurgical second opinion.

Key treatment priorities at the department are acute or chronic pain syndromes (e.g. headache, back pain, neck pain, nerve entrapment syndrome, numbness); spinal diseases, and spinal injuries (e.g. herniated disc, lumbago, arthrosis, osteoporosis, slipped vertebrae, vertebral fracture); tumour diseases in the area of ​​the spinal cord or the brain. Conservative and surgical options are available.

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