Department of hand surgery

The department of hand surgery at MEOCLINIC Berlin is a highly specialized private practice for treating hands. The function of a hand can be disrupted very quickly by pain and functional consequences after injuries, but also by general underlying diseases such as rheumatism or simply by overloading so that those affected feel severely impaired in everyday life. After serious accidents, the department successfully performed microsurgical replantations of individual limbs in children. Despite modern diagnostics such as CT and MRI, the reason for the hand disorder symptoms is often misinterpreted. Therefore, the expertise of the local experienced hand surgeon is essential, who can assign patient complaints in connection with a structured and well-founded examination result. The head of the department spent years as a senior medical expert in one of the most renowned hands surgery university clinics in Germany.

The scope of hand surgery methods includes functional restoration, denervation, surgery for inflammatory diseases of the hand, and a unique diagnostic examination.

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