Department of dentistry

The department of dentistry at MEOCLINIC Berlin provides premium-class medical care for teeth and oral cavities. Even executives with a very tight schedule can enjoy a high-quality, modern dental treatment at the department. Aesthetics, painless and gentle prophylaxis and the maximum preservation of the natural tooth structure are the main focus in the dental area of the local team. The department is currently represented by three dentists. The existing specialities ensure that each patient receives individually tailored, comprehensive dental care. In recent years, all modern materials proven to be reliable are used. The use of laser technology, multimedia at the treatment chair, and mouth cameras for comprehensible patient information are a matter of course. 

Modern prophylactic and surgical measures, periodontal treatments and the placement of titanium implants (artificial tooth roots) with and without additional bone structure are part of the standard spectrum of local dental repertoire. This is supplemented by the particular fields of orthodontics, jaw joint treatment, oral and maxillofacial surgery and endodontology. Dental prophylaxis completes the range of dental care services offered at the department.

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